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Fuld & Company Helps Global Energy Company Benchmark its Production Operations Through Competitor Insights

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A global energy company wanted to learn more about how their competitors are structured within their production facilities to help provide insight on operational challenges and inefficiencies. Working with Fuld & Company, the client was able to gain insight on the organizational structure, asset management strategies, and staffing models of selected industry peers.


The client wanted to benchmark best practices in terms of organizing their production facilities. Learning how other major energy companies are structured provided insight on how the client can make changes within their organization structure to be more efficient in terms of managing their staff and assets within their production facilities.


Fuld & Company engaged with a wide variety of sources at peer companies to gather insights on best practices, organizational structures, industry trends, and anticipated operational challenges. By connecting with a variety of industry sources and leveraging our network, Fuld & Company was able to collect data on staffing models, organizational structure, role qualifications, and asset management strategies. Our findings provided insight to our client and identified the most effective strategies to optimize operations at their production facilities.

Result + Benefits

Through our analysis, the client discovered a strong understanding of various organization structures and different staffing strategies at other energy companies. This intelligence has helped the client benchmark its own production facilities and informed decision making relevant to improving their organization structure and asset management.

How can your company benefit?

Fuld & Company specializes in providing competitive intelligence across various industries and functions. In this specific case, better understanding the advantages and disadvantages of staffing models and organization strategies. Insights can help companies more effectively structure their staff and assets, which can save costs and increase production rates. If your company is looking to better understand how to leverage your staffing models to save costs reach out to Fuld & Company to learn more.

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