Healthcare Integration: A Work in Progress – Questrom’s Sixth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference

Posted November 2, 2018| Robert Flynn

BU Health + Life Science Conference

Fuld + Company, Principal, Bob Flynn will be presenting at the Questrom’s Sixth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference

Friday, November 2, 2018 | Boston University Questrom School of Business

Panel: Business Development: Partnerships & Collaboration

As more and more firms in the healthcare space consolidate, organizations are beginning to see the value in partnership for the sake of business development. Though many small biotechnology firms license out to big pharmaceutical companies in the interests of commercialization, the trend is showing that partnerships are spanning industry borders. This includes insurance companies leveraging the booming technology industry, and drug companies seeking a way to cushion the fall from their approaching patent cliffs. This panel will seek to explore how stakeholders pursue these partnerships, from the execution of due diligence to the negotiation of profit-sharing, and whether this consolidation is driving the innovation society needs.


David Barone, BSc, MSc, Biomedical Engineering, MBA | Pricinpal, Boston MedTech Advisors


Robert Flynn, MBA, MA, BA | Principal, Fuld + Company

Jonathan Rea, MBA, BBA | Director of Business Development, Boston Scientific Endoscopy

Kareem Reda, MBA, BS | Head of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Evelo Biosciences, Inc.,

Devin Nadar, BA | Partnership Manager, Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator, Boston Children’s

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