April Newsletter 2023

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This month we explore some of the latest game-changers and disruptive innovations in the healthcare and energy sectors.

As revolutionary drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic disrupt the weight loss industry, what could this mean for investors? Which areas of the estimated $224bn–and growing–weight loss and diet management industry will be impacted?

Sinopec’s ambitious hydrogen project promises to dramatically cut production costs for green hydrogen – we look at the related factors and potential industry impact of this new investment.

Also on the energy front, incumbents and startups in the clean energy space need to be monitoring Tesla Energy as it continues to send shockwaves through the power industry with its leading-edge innovations in green energy storage.

And as growth in EVs persistently drive demand for batteries, we discuss the geopolitical aspects of battery component commoditization, particularly considering China’s dominance in critical minerals and the escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Finally, in the true spirit of spring and new beginnings, we are excited to announce that we have now moved into our new, state-of-the-art office space in Noida, India, designed to foster creativity and collaboration to better serve our clients.


Jab n Slim – How a Pen is Revolutionizing the Weight Loss Industry

Semaglutide ozempic

A new market is emerging, thanks to the introduction of a highly effective weight loss solution in the form of a handy injectable pen. Online pharmacies and weight loss websites are jumping on the sales bandwagon. Traditional weight loss services such as Weight Watchers are also responding by acquiring their own online channels to compete with pharma. But with a massive $224 billion market at stake, what does this mean for the weight loss industry, and where do the risks and opportunities lie for investors. Read more…


Tesla Energy: The Green Energy Storage Giga-Disrupter


Tesla’s moves in the clean energy and energy storage space should be a major warning to any company in the power market, not just to the incumbents but also to startups and their investors looking to jump on the green bandwagon. It is critically important to track what Tesla is doing, not just commercially but also technologically, as well as where Tesla is having success and where it is having problems. Read more…


Is Sinopec Leading the Charge in Lowering the Cost of Hydrogen?

Chinese energy giant, Sinopec, claims to be significantly cutting production costs for renewable hydrogen with the construction of the world’s largest green hydrogen project, the Erdos Wind-Solar Green Hydrogen Project. The hydrogen industry faces several challenges as it scales to meet demand, but the key barrier is cost. Renewable hydrogen is two to three times more expensive to produce than fossil-based hydrogen plants. Will Sinopec’s project impact the global green energy market enough to radically change the economics of hydrogen production. Read more…


Demand for Minerals Surge as Battery Manufacturers Flock to North America

lithium element

The “Pathway to Electrification from Minerals to Market” summit was held in March 2023 by the Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) organization. Top government officials, business leaders, and stakeholders discussed how to work together to address the challenges of achieving decarbonization of transportation without compromising supply chains. A key agenda item was the geopolitical commoditizing of battery components given China’s dominance in critical minerals and rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. Read more…


Fuld opens new state-of-the-art office in Noida, India

Fuld Noida office opening
This month our Noida team moved into a new sleek and modern space, designed to inspire and promote creativity and collaboration. The new facilities are part of our ongoing focus on innovation to drive the success of our clients globally. To commemorate this momentous occasion, our leadership, local team members, and their families attended a grand inauguration ceremony. It was a time to reflect on our past accomplishments, celebrate new opportunities, and anticipate an exciting future!

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