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5G News and Trends – August 2022

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For the latest and most important 5G news and developments from June and July 2022 please see below for all the key stories.

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National Governments’ Announcements for 5G

A summary of the key announcements by national governments in relation to 5G is as follows.


Telcos’ Future 5G Initiatives

Some of the future initiatives by the leading telecommunication companies are as follows:


14 July 2022: Automotive

Autotalks launches 3rd generation 5G supported chipsets for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) stack execution

  • Autotalks, the Israel-based fabless semiconductor company focused on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications for manned and autonomous vehicles, introduced the world’s first-of-its-kind V2X chipsets – TEKTON3 and SECTON3 – which support 5G-V2X for collision and crash prevention
  • The world’s only functional safety-certified V2X chipsets enable critical actions such as automatic braking using sensor data shared by other vehicles and consume less power and cost
  • The 5G supported chipsets are capable of supporting both dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and cellular’s C-V2X based on 3GPP specifications

07 July 2022: Healthcare

GE Healthcare opens the first 5G Innovation Lab in India to develop solutions for critical healthcare issues globally and enhance the MedTech industry

  • GE HealthCare, a subsidiary of American multinational conglomerate General Electric, has set up the world’s first 5G Innovation Lab in India with futuristic infrastructure and a private 5G network for R&D
  • The lab provides a cooperative ecosystem for academia, healthcare, and start-ups, enhancing the patient care continuum, transforming diagnosis, therapy, remote care, and much more
  • The lab is expected to enhance 5G-enabled use cases and enter into the next generation of MedTech by developing solutions for the most crucial healthcare issues for India and the world

05 July 2022: Agriculture 

5G RuralDorset and Qualcomm have joined hands for developing 5G-enabled solutions for smart farming

  • 5G RuralDorset – a program led by Dorset Council and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – and Qualcomm, the American semiconductor MNC, have extended their partnership for a new agriculture project
  • The partnership intends to explore and test mmWave 5G technology for new farming solutions, including autonomous vehicles, robots, and big data analytics
  • The new farming solutions trials will utilize Qualcomm’s latest microchips in tandem with a 26GHz spectrum, which would allow for ‘per plant’ farming, with autonomous robots gathering information on individual plants and taking automatic action to improve crop health and yield

04 July 2022: Healthcare

Virgin Media O2 and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust have come together to establish UK’s first 5G-enabled hospital      

  • Virgin Media O2, a mass media, and telecom company based in London plans to establish the first 5G hospital in the UK with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
  • The hospital infrastructure would be connected with a 5G network, IoT and AI all across and will provide connectivity for crucial digital health use cases for clinicians and patients in the trust
  • Virgin Media O2 intends to expand the rollout of wireless and smart hospital connectivity across the NHS estate over the next 3-5 years

30 June 2022: Metals and Mining

Zijin Mining Group partners with MTN and Huawei to establish its first smart metal mine enabled by 5G technology

  • Subsidiaries of Zijin Mining Group, a China-based mining MNC, South Africa Zijin Platinum and Nkwe Platinum, have joined forces with telecom company MTN and tech group Huawei to build a 5G wireless technology-enabled platinum mine
  • The Zijin Garatau platinum mine would be Zijin Mining Group’s first high-tech overseas smart mine, which will transform the old mining processes using MTN’s 5G connectivity and technology
  • The new mine would be Southern Africa’s first 5G-enabled smart metal mine

23 June 2022: Logistics

China’s Qingdao Port becomes the first hydrogen-powered, 5G enabled port in the world and the first fully automated container terminal in Asia

  • Qingdao Port in China becomes the world’s first smart ecological terminal powered by ‘hydrogen + 5G’, which claims to reduce carbon emissions by 3.5 kg and sulfur dioxide emissions by 0.11 kg/TEU
  • The port is equipped with innovative futuristic technologies, extensive automation and high loading and offloading efficiency
  • The port is also the first fully automated container terminal in Asia with a productivity of 36.2 containers per ship per hour on average, with hydrogen-powered crane technology

22 June 2022: IT

Aetina and Fibocom come together to build an AIoT world by bringing 5G capacities to multiple tech-based application areas

  • Fibocom, provider of IoT wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, and Aetina, provider of high-performance GPGPU and Jetson AI edge computing, have joined hands to bring 5G connectivity and edge AI capacity for robotics, drone, industrial inspection, etc.
  • The collaboration focuses on high-speed, ultra-reliable, and low-latency 5G capacities, supported by Fibocom’s 5G R16-compliant module FM160-EAU and Aetna’s AN810-XNX AI edge computing platform, to assist developers to expand their systems communication ability, I/O connectivity flexibly and quickly
  • The partnership intends to meet the growing demand for developing reliable AI platforms with real-time connectivity at the edge

17 June 2022: Automotive, Manufacturing

Hyundai aligns with SingTel to establish a 5G enabled Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore (HMGICS) for EVs, AVs, and other mobility products

  • Hyundai Motor Group, the South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer, has entered into an agreement with SingTel, the Singapore-based telecom conglomerate, to deploy 5G infrastructure network solutions at its Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre (HMGICS) in Singapore
  • The telco will supply a 5G campus network replete with mobile edge core solutions to Hyundai for the development of a metaverse for the manufacturing industry
  • The facility is claimed to be the first of its kind in the world, worth $40 million, that will also produce electric cars, and is expected to be operational by end of 2022


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