David Staknis - Principal, Health + Life Sciences Practice

David Staknis, Ph.D. is a Principal and the Director for Fuld + Company’s Global Life Sciences Practice. Prior to joining Fuld, Dr. Staknis was a Senior Analyst and Division Leader at Global Prior Art, Inc., an intellectual property search and consulting firm. In that position, he worked closely with law firms, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to support patent litigation and prosecution, perform freedom-to-operate searches, and create intellectual property landscapes. He worked in a variety of fields ranging from polypeptide, nucleic acid and small molecule therapeutic agents, diagnostic systems, drug screening methods and production methods. Prior to that, Dr. Staknis was a technology transfer specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where he negotiated Material Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements and was also involved in early stage marketing of BIDMC intellectual property. Dr. Staknis was also a biology instructor at Northeastern University and has fourteen years of bench research experience.

Dr. Staknis holds a B.S. in biology from Syracuse University and a Ph.D. in cellular and developmental biology from Harvard University. His graduate work focused on the assembly of the mammalian spliceosome complex that performs messenger RNA splicing. His post-doctoral studies, performed at Harvard Medical School, focused on characterizing the molecular components and mechanisms of vertebrate circadian rhythms.

Dr. Staknis has extensive client facing experience through his various roles at Global Prior Art and Fuld + Company, and has investigated and evaluated markets, regulatory issues, and technologies in many areas that include:

· Generic and branded pain management medications

· Multiple Therapeutic Areas: Diabetes, Insomnia, Cardiovascular, Urology, Gynecology, Oncology, Neurology

· Ophthalmology: Contact lens and pharmaceutical product development

· Dental devices

· Pharmaceutical pipeline analysis - Clinical trial monitoring - Developmental timelines for regulatory filing and product launch

· Specialty Pharmacy Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

· Sales force benchmarking

· Managed care detailing

· In-store and on-site health clinics