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Top Ten Trends in Healthcare Technology

Posted January 1, 2017| Robert Flynn

Top Ten Trends in Healthcare TechnologyWhile public debate has centered on the Affordable Care Act and its potential replacement, other long-term trends have continued unabated, marking this period as the most innovative time in the history of healthcare.

As was highlighted at the 2017 Healthcare Technology Conference hosted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), technologists are moving rapidly regardless of the political environment. The results show significant trends in healthcare technology, both short and long-term. Since these innovations impact the quality, availability, and costs of healthcare, they require the attention of all corporate executives.

Fuld + Company consultants examined the findings that have arisen during our Health + Life science consulting engagements, exhibits, and presentations at HIMSS, and commentary from comprehensive interviews with health industry executives. The analysis by our industry experts has highlighted the ten most impactful trends in healthcare technology influencing value-based care and other topics.

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