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Sustainability News and Trends – September 2022

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For the latest and most important sustainability news and developments from July and August 2022 please see below for all the key stories.

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National Governments’ Announcements

A summary of the key announcements by national governments in relation to sustainability is as follows:

Companies Making Sustainability Linked Acquisitions & Investments

Some of the key sustainability-linked acquisitions and investments have been made by the following companies.

Key Sustainability News

A summary of the key sustainability news that has occurred over the past month is listed below.

15-August-22: Agriculture

Bayer launches ForGround, a platform for farmers to adopt regenerative sustainable practices that can help improve soil health along with providing other benefits

  • Bayer AG, a German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, launches a digital platform for farmers to transform and enhance sustainable farming practices at farms of all sizes
  • The newly developed platform by Bayer offers the farmers tools, resources, discounts, and the possibility of earning revenue through the Bayer Carbon Program7, while also enabling a transparent supply chain where consumers can know how their food is produced
  • The platform is also expected to explore other ways for farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture practices and technologies

11-August-22: Food, Restaurant

Pizza Hut and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) join hands to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy farming industry in the USA

  • Pizza Hut, an American multinational restaurant chain and international franchise, along with its parent company Yum Brands, announces a partnership with the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the dairy farming sector
  • The company, as well as the association, have launched a sustainability initiative to help the participating dairy farmers to be part of the annual farm-level greenhouse gas and energy footprinting
  • The project is part of a broader goal of all the participating parties to curtail their greenhouse gas emissions by 30-50% by 2030

2-August-22: Poultry

UK-based Morrisons supermarket launches its own Planet Friendly Eggs, the first carbon-neutral eggs owned by any supermarket

  • Morrisons, the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK, launches its own range of carbon-neutral eggs, becoming the world’s first supermarket to take such a step, as part of its target to be directly supplied by ‘zero emission’ British farms by 2030
  • The new carbon neutral, also knowns as, ‘Planet Friendly’ eggs are sourced from farms where hens are fed a soya-free diet of insects as part of the ‘circular waste’ feeding scheme, powered by Better Origin technology
  • The eggs are the first foods to come out of the planet-friendly models and are also the first green version of the usual red British Lion Egg stamp on their eggs

1-August-22: Aviation, Energy

Japan and The Boeing Company collaborate to open a new R&D Centre in the country to promote sustainable technology and energy

  • Boeing, an American Aerospace MNC, opens a new R&D centre – Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) Japan Research Center – in Japan to focus on sustainability and support Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  • Boeing and METI collaborate to work on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), electric/hydrogen propulsion, robotics, digitization and composites, to commercialize, encourage and enhance the use of Japan-produced SAF
  • The new Center will be opened in Nagoya, where many of Boeing’s major industrial partners and suppliers are located, and is expected to further expand to Australia, China and Korea

26-July-22: Travel and Tourism

US Travel Association announces the launch of a new Sustainable Travel Coalition to promote sustainable choices within the US travel industry

  • The United States Travel Association, a non-profit organization representing and advocating for all components of the US travel industry, announces the initiation of a new program that focuses on making a sustainable future for the US travel industry
  • The program, named ‘Sustainable Travel Coalition’, has nearly 60 member organizations that plan to align the travel, transportation and technology sectors to develop sustainable strategies
  • The Coalition will serve as an advisory body to the US Travel Association, suggesting sustainability issues and concerns within member organizations and countries

21-July-22: Automotive

Ford takes a step towards sustainability by choosing Rio Tinto for the supply of low carbon materials to be used in Ford vehicles

  • Ford Motor Company, an American multinational automobile manufacturer, enters into an MoU with Rio Tinto Group, an Anglo-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation, for developing sustainable supply chains for the batteries and materials used in Ford vehicles
  • The Automobile manufacturer plans to use low carbon batteries and materials supplied by Rio Tinto, including metal produced using the zero carbon ELYSIS™ smelting technology
  • The partnership will also focus on Ford’s transition toward a net-zero future by using materials including lithium, low-carbon aluminium and copper offered by Rio Tinto

19-July-22: Media and Advertisement

Media companies WPP plc and GroupM introduce a new strategic approach to reducing the carbon footprint of the media and advertisement companies

  • GroupM, a media investment company, and WPP, a creative transformation company, jointly propose a new strategy to measure and reduce ad-based carbon emissions across all channels and markets, supporting the target of net zero emissions
  • The parties plan to use a newly developed global carbon measurement framework to measure carbon emissions across all phases of the advertising lifecycle in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a global framework to measure and manage GHG emissions from private and public sector operations
  • The newly developed approach will provide the criteria, data inputs and techniques required to power a strong global carbon calculator, which will allow media planners to map the total carbon footprint of advertising campaigns from initiation to launch

18-July-22: Energy

Envision Group and the Government of Spain collaboratively plan to develop Europe’s first Industrial Park in Spain

  • Envision Group, a global Greentech company, enters into a collaboration with the Government of Spain to construct Europe’s first net zero carbon emissions industrial park across various regions of the country
  • The initiatives that are expected to take place over the next five years include setting up of a Gigafactory for batteries for electric vehicles, a green hydrogen generation plant for the production of electrolysis, and a center for development and innovation in the digitization of renewable energy systems, among others
  • The collaboration is expected to execute Spain’s net zero transition while also leading to a new industry creation for Europe

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