Newsletter – November 2023

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This month, we’ve included a selection of strategic insights crucial for navigating today’s competitive market environment. We begin with Professor Leonard Lane from UC Irvine, who offers a perspective on utilizing War Gaming as a strategic tool for business acumen and agility.

We then examine the integral role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in Private Equity. ESG is now a critical factor in investment decision-making and value creation.

Our analysis extends to the potential impact of recent geopolitical tensions in the Middle East on the oil markets, a vital concern for all sectors.

Finally, we share a case where advanced social media analytics enhanced competitive positioning for a leading corporation.

Each article provides a concise, strategic viewpoint designed to inform and guide your business decisions.

Practicing War Games at UC Irvine’s business school

AI is transforming the private equity deal lifecycle, from document review to data analysis. Understanding its potential and limitations is crucial for navigating this evolving landscape and making informed decisions, but can it replace human intuition, creativity, and personal interaction?

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The evolution of ESG in Private Equity

Is internal turbulence and investor pressure causing Shell to reconsider its energy transition strategy? Recently, Shell scaled back its net-zero targets, divested from several of its Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) projects, and withdrew from its goal to double its electricity production by 2030. Will these changes impact its long-term commitment to renewable power generation and low-carbon fuels?

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Will escalation in the Middle East lead to turmoil in the oil markets?

impact of the ongoing Middle East conflict on the global oil market

Is it too early to assume that the recent geopolitical escalation in the Middle East, home to some of the world’s most critical oil transit chokepoints, hasn’t had a significant impact on oil markets? So far, the discontent in oil-producing Gulf States is expressed through statements rather than actions. But in the longer term, could the potential involvement of Iran lead to a Western embargo on Iranian oil, echoing the 1970s oil crisis?

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Driving Competitive Intelligence with social media analytics


Fuld helped a Fortune 1000 company improve its competitive position and profitability through analyzing earned media to uncover key trends, topics, and sentiments surrounding scientific conferences. These insights helped the CI team to make informed decisions about successful trials and adopting new technologies/patents.

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Wishing you a Happy Diwali

This vibrant tradition, marked by the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil, sees millions of lamps twinkling in homes and communities across the globe—a symbol of hope and renewal. As families and friends gather to share gifts, feast on sweets, and light fireworks, we join in celebrating the rich tapestry of stories and customs that bring us all closer together


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