Newsletter – January 2024

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To kick off the New Year, I’d like to share with you some recent client success stories, as well as new ideas for driving revenue and increasing your competitive edge in 2024.

In the first article, we share how Fuld recently helped a Private Equity firm increase revenues by 130% by identifying 300 targets in a niche industry.

For another client, a leading oncology business, we ran a War Gaming workshop that helped them prepare for potential competitor reactions to their upcoming product launch. The workshop enabled the company to develop a cohesive and successful post-launch strategy for their new tech platform.

Finally, when was the last time you updated your sales team’s Battle Cards? Do they include the latest insider intel your team needs to win against your competitors? Learn how Fuld’s unique approach to developing Battle Cards can transform your strategy and help strengthen your competitive edge.


How Fuld helped a PE Firm increase revenues by 130%


Fuld recently helped a large Private Equity firm navigate a niche manufacturing subsector. We identified nearly 300 potential target companies, providing detailed financial and operational information to help the firm focus on the most promising targets that could serve as a platform investment for future add-ons. This partnership resulted in a successful platform investment and three add-on acquisitions, boosting the firm’s revenues by 130%.

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Using War Games to predict and counter competitor reactions


Ahead of the launch of their new tech platform, a leading oncology company engaged Fuld to facilitate a two-day War Gaming workshop with their team. As a result, Fuld helped the company to anticipate potential reactions from their competitors and develop a series of strategic actions to counter them.

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The secret to creating high-value Battle Cards

Imagine watching a sports game from the sidelines, shouting your opinions at the players. It’s easy to think you have all the answers when you’re not on the field. Now, imagine you’re an executive relying on Battle Cards full of generic, off-the-shelf information to guide your sales team. The result? A lack of competitive edge that could cost you the game—no, the entire season…

Discover HOW to WIN


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