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Multi-Year Global Vaccine Monitoring Project​

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Background and Challenge

A leading manufacturer of multiple infectious disease vaccines used Fuld & Company’s competitive monitoring services to gain a clear view of the evolving competitive landscape. The client needed to assess its competitors’ near and long-term pipeline programs from Phase I through Phase III in several global infectious disease areas. 

Our Solution

Our competitive monitoring solution included:

  • Conducting monthly monitoring and intelligence gathering in a variety of infectious disease areas each year.
  • Using a customized schedule of monthly topics to report on a quarterly basis to give the client flexibility based on the dynamics of the market.​
  • Attending multiple international conferences across the globe to gain further insights. ​
  • Investigating clinical trials, scientific material, analyst sources, and corporate material to assess the competitors’ pipelines. ​
  • Leveraging the knowledge of the client’s employees to maximize novel findings.


The monitoring program provided the client with a wide variety of details about its global competitors’ current and future product development activities. The findings included information about product prioritization, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and commercial development strategies in several areas including licensing/partnering, marketing, and promotion. ​

With this information, the client could make better decisions about its own clinical trial design, development timelines, and commercial planning. As the competitors’ programs progressed from Phase I to registration trials, the flexibility of the Fuld program allowed the client to increase coverage of different key topics as needed.

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