July Newsletter 2022

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Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter. Here are our monthly highlights:

Our monthly newsletter series brings you the latest insights and perspectives from Fuld experts. In this edition, we feature our latest blog- Analytics, A Game-Changer for Mid-Market Private Equity firms by our guest author Alok Tayal, Board Member at Fuld & Company. Along with this, we take you through our recent research work with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and a recent case study about a comprehensive change experience platform. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the monthly 5G, CVC, and Sustainability news & developments.

Featured Blog
Analytics, A Game-Changer for Mid-Market Private Equity firms

Author: Alok Tayal
Rising valuations and the market’s dynamic nature demand the adoption of a data-driven strategy by mid-market private equity (PE) firms in order to spur growth, expand market share, establish customer partnerships, and improve operational effectiveness. Although data analytics, techniques and technologies are widely available, private equity firms must understand how to apply them effectively. Learn the success mantra for mid-sized PE firms to stay focused, invest wisely, and deliver success in a visible and quantifiable way to maintain valuation goals using analytics. To find out more, read the blog.

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Featured Case Study
Assessment of Organizational Change Initiatives

Our partner company, Phronesis Partners, recently collaborated with a comprehensive change experience platform that helps businesses with the planning and execution of organizational change initiatives. The client had created a survey-based assessment framework structured around the four dimensions of effective change management, measuring each one using a set of scale questions. In this case study, we show how we assisted the consultancy by validating the measuring scales for each dimension and creating a comprehensive long-form questionnaire and additional supporting questions with the potential to impact the success of organizational change processes.

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Featured Research
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

We recently partnered with the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in research that explores how transformation with humans at the center can double your success. The research shows that the complex factors influencing a transformation’s success or failure are rooted in human emotions, regardless of industry or geography. The research also explores best practices around the key drivers for achieving success for organizational transformation.

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