January Newsletter 2023

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Happy New Year and welcome to our first newsletter of 2023!

If your Business Resolutions this year include:

  • leveraging data to make more informed decisions
  • driving innovation in your organization, or
  • better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your key competitors

…we have some great insights for you in this month’s issue.

Our New Year’s Resolution is the same as always…to continue delivering competitive advantage…only better! This year the team at Fuld plans to not only add many new clients but also offer new innovative ways of helping our already loyal clients succeed in their businesses. Stay tuned for lots of excitement in 2023! 

We hope you find this issue insightful, and if you have any suggestions or questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Unlock the full potential of your existing data

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Business function leaders are under mounting pressure to drive revenue and margin growth, optimize marketing ROI, improve operations, or enhance business value, to say the least. With the data analytics tools and expertise that Fuld’s data scientists and specialists offer, we can help companies unleash the power of data they may already have…[read more]

Innovate smarter, launch faster

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As businesses continue to outmaneuver uncertainty, leaders must stay the innovation course and find new ways to win consumers and build competitive advantage. With pressure on budgets and internal resources, limited fresh perspectives, and a lack of insight into innovation in other industries, delivering innovation consistently is a challenge. From innovation to product launch, Fuld’s Technology & Innovation Research team has the expertise in technology, patents, regulations, analytics, and other industries that helps our clients innovate smarter and faster. We bring a fresh perspective to your research function…[read more]

Global medical equipment company discovers new competitor…and a new market

During COVID-19, a leading global medical equipment manufacturer became concerned that a new entrant had moved into one of its high-value, diagnostic markets. Their own sales had slowed down, which was readily explained as hospitals canceled and postponed surgeries and procedures to redirect resources to support the battle against the pandemic.

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So in 2021, when an independent market report revealed a major spike in the sale of diagnostic machines, as well as the apparent emergence of a new, unknown competitor, the company was taken by surprise and hired Fuld to investigate…[read more]

If you’d like to discuss in more detail how we work with our clients and, if you like our insights, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch now!

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