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Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Ensuring Process Improvement for a Customer Helpdesk

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A global internet search giant with offices in 50 countries worked with several local payroll service providers (PSPs). The company’s employees were dissatisfied with the support services being provided by payroll division’s unified helpdesk.


  • The global payroll division of an internet search giant, which has offices across 50 countries, worked with several local payroll service providers or PSPs.
  • The payroll division operated a unified helpdesk for its employees, with service agents from all the PSPs working on one platform. However, the employees were dissatisfied with the PSPs’ services.
  • The client needed our support in helping to track KPIs such as CSAT, identify pain points, and identify areas of improvement.


  • Set up a pipeline to collect closed employee tickets data from the payroll helpdesk.
  • Computed KPIs such as average turn-around time (TAT) and CSAT.
  • Visualized KPIs on a Tableau dashboard with views of different time-scale granularities for different audiences (payroll managers, global heads of payroll, and CFOs).
  • Leveraged text content in each payroll ticket (i.e., initial text body and responses exchanged with helpdesk agent) for VADER sentiment and bag-of-words analyses to identify key topics related to the common issues in payroll and associated sentiments.


  • Identified the key topics in which service agents needed more training, information or access privileges to readily help employees.
  • Regularly leveraged the tracked KPIs for monthly leadership workshops to discuss key challenges in different countries and brainstorm possible resolutions.
  • Improved the average monthly CSAT score from 87% to more than 95%.

Algorithms Used: VADER sentiment analysis, bag-of-words analysis


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