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How a Specialist Drug Maker Ensures that its Travel Drug Program is Best in Class

Posted January 11, 2018|


In order to compete more effectively in the market, a maker of specialist drugs for chronic conditions wanted to ensure that it offered a best-in-class support program for its patients when they traveled outside their home countries.


Despite an almost complete absence of public information about this highly nuanced market niche, Fuld + Company was able to gain deep insights into the travel drug program of the client’s closest competitor.


After quickly synthesizing what little public information was available, the Fuld team met the engagement’s unique challenges in the only way possible. We conducted exhaustive primary research with stakeholders in multiple countries and mapped the program of the client’s closest competitor. As a result, we were able to paint a complete picture, thereby providing the client with the ability to compare its own practices to those of the competitor.

Result + Benefits

Given so many complexities and nuances, the client gained valuable insights about all of the stakeholders involved, and about the many different practices in the various target countries – insights that can be leveraged to fine-tune the company’s own program. This was something it could not have learned in such an opaque and complex market without Fuld’s assistance. Now, instead of blindly throwing resources at the program, the company can confidently stay on course.

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