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How a global metal manufacturer identified new markets

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A multinational European metals and renewable energy company wanted to expand into new markets. Partnering with Fuld & Company, the company held a collaborative strategy workshop to identify potential target markets and develop an action plan. Based on Fuld’s research and strategic guidance, the workshop identified four key markets and tailored strategies, providing a clear roadmap for future growth.


A multinational European metals and renewable energy company wanted to pursue growth by expanding into new markets.


The company wanted to conduct a customized strategy workshop to identify potential new markets in line with its growth strategy.

The core objective of the workshop was to deliver a set of prioritized action points developed in collaboration with the company’s management team, segmented by key target markets. These would form the basis of its short and medium-term strategic approach.

Why Fuld

The client selected Fuld & Company as we were able to provide the flexible approach they needed to achieve their objectives, based on our genuine desire to fully understand their business during our workshop  preparation. Additionally, our track record of successfully delivering strategy workshops aligned with clients’ goals further solidified our suitability for the task.


Fuld & Company undertook secondary and primary research to identify markets for the client to investigate during the workshop, based on above average potential growth over the next 10 years.

Initially Fuld conducted a 360-degree view of thirty-four potential markets and then narrowed this down to six industries. We prepared a comprehensive briefing book with significant market insights for each industry to help support the strategy workshop, alongside tailor-made workshop templates.


During the workshop the client narrowed the addressable key markets down from six to four, each with its own set of challenges. Fuld then helped the company create a strategic plan with actionable goals and timelines for each of the four markets.


The strategy workshop delivered a clear roadmap for the company to tap into previously unexplored markets with the aim of future revenue growth.

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