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Global Flu Vaccine Strategies in Europe, Canada, LATAM, India, and Asia​

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Background and Challenge

A Fortune 200 global pharmaceutical client needed to monitor competitors’ flu vaccine portfolios and anticipate how government policies might affect their development. This information would help them optimize their own upcoming global vaccine launch. Fuld had already completed several ex-US projects assessing flu vaccine competitor development activity:​

  • EU & Canada QuadFlu Landscape​
  • Nordic Flu Policy Assessment​
  • Ex-US QuadFlu & LAIV Assessment Across Seven Geographies​

Our Solution

  • Given its expertise in the space, Fuld had the ability to deliver the high-value intelligence required by the client across multiple geographies
  • Fuld conducted detailed interviews with clinical and policy KOLs, competitors, and supply chain players, and attended relevant events such as the IVW conference
  • The team used Fuld’s network of local research partners to help with the face-to-face interviews, including simultaneous translation
  • The same approach was used for telephone interviews from Fuld’s Boston office, again with simultaneous translation and recording to international locations


Fuld & Company developed a clear picture of each competitor’s launch strategy, pipeline, and relationships with key stakeholders (e.g., policymakers, etc.). Results were delivered to the client through quick turnaround reports and email alerts, including analysis and implications.​

An assessment of the client’s upcoming vaccine launch was conducted for each of their key markets and recommendations on how to optimize their launch strategy were provided. The client was able to enter each market more informed of their competitors’ vaccine development timelines, capacity, launch, and marketing strategies, as well as how they were working with in country and regional government affairs policy initiatives.

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