Four tips to drive impact with marketing analytics

Posted by | Shashank Kulshrestha

Unlock the potential of your marketing data

In the aftermath of the pandemic, economic uncertainty and high interest rates are forcing organizations to rethink future investments and strategic decisions to remain competitive. Yet, even in such an environment, investment in marketing analytics is at an all-time high.

Consumer-facing businesses use marketing analytics extensively, particularly for digital marketing and customer acquisition. However, most of them end-up in a race to implement newer marketing platforms and digital technologies without thoroughly evaluating their needs or building a solid business case. It’s no wonder a recent CMO survey showed that only two in five companies leveraging marketing analytics reported a sustained increase in revenue and market share.

But with the right strategies, both B2B and B2C companies can unlock greater value from their data by leveraging analytics across the entire marketing spectrum. In this report, we dive into four key strategies to help you:

  • Leverage big data to gain a holistic customer understanding
  • Measure true campaign ROI through a consistent frame of reference
  • Measure lead and customer health across the entire funnel
  • Identify and engage passive advocates to boost loyalty and organic customer acquisition


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How can Fuld help?

Fuld & company has decades of experience in sales and marketing analytics. Supplemented by our analytics and data science expertise, we can help you drive sales through analytics-informed go-to-market decisions and boost your marketing ROI with a 360° approach to your customer strategy.

Talk to us if you want to learn more or understand how we can help you with your business challenges.

Author: Shashank Kulshrestha | Head of Analytics and Data Science Vice President
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