Engagement Models


Our flexible engagement models are designed to meet your unique needs:


Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Model

Maximum cost-efficiency and productivity

• Dedicated analysts work as an extension of your team

• Analysts build expertise on your company’s specific research and reporting policies and culture, enabling a strong and cohesive relationship

Retained Capacity

Flexible and cost-effective research capacity

• This cost-effective model ensures a dedicated team with the flexibility of project-based, on-demand resources

• Invest in a defined research capacity on annual or quarterly basis and access analysts with optimal skills sets for each research request

Ad-hoc Project Model

On-demand research support for defined projects

• On-demand research support is designed for one-off projects or where requirements are cyclical or transaction-based

• On-demand support provides flexibility to engage the research skill sets required only as needed and for a defined period of time

Engagement Models

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