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Molecular Diagnostics Company Digs Deeper on Competitor’s Developing Platform and Marketing Strategy

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Background + Challenge

A molecular diagnostics company wished to confirm internal intelligence and dig deeper into the development of a competing diagnostics platform that would pose a major challenge to its own platform product.


  • Conducted primary research by interviewing hospitals and government clinical laboratories that were clients of the competitor. 
  • Contacted key opinion leaders and gained important information on topic areas provided by the client.  

Result + Benefits

Fuld reassured the client that the development of the competing platform was delayed compared to the client’s initial beliefs.  Fuld was able to uncover some of the new platform features and what was likely to be improved on the older version; however, not all of the platform features could be uncovered, since software development was incomplete. Fuld discovered that the competitor’s original plans to perform pre-launch marketing at a global conference were to be scrapped due to development delays. The project provided the client with novel insight into the platform technology, developmental timelines, and reliability issues in a related reagent system.  The client has retained Fuld to revisit these issues on a regularly scheduled basis.

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