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Pharmaceutical Company Wants to Understand Unmet Clinical Laboratory Needs for Testosterone Replacement Market

Posted May 16, 2019| Fuld + Company

Background + Challenge

A pharmaceutical company with a testosterone replacement product lacked visibility into the testosterone diagnostic market and wished to understand unmet clinical laboratory needs, identify diagnostic kit and equipment manufacturers, and determine the market potential for a combined package of a diagnostic test and testosterone replacement product.


  • Conducted primary research by interviewing clinical endocrinologists at several commercial and hospital clinics to assess diagnostic preferences and unmet needs.
  • Performed secondary research by studying websites of diagnostic kit and equipment manufacturers to identify US-based and global players that are active in the space.
  • Identified products and manufacturers for both clinical and research-only testing.

Result + Benefits

Through primary and secondary research, Fuld recommended to the client that a need did not exist for a combination diagnostic/therapeutic package.  In addition, Fuld gained information that endocrinologists preferred systems that tested serum samples and had much distrust for ones with saliva samples. The endocrinologists also were starting to move away from radioimmunology. Due to the lack of standardized T-tests, the CDC and Endocrine Society began an initiative to develop a standardized process. It was recommended that the client participates in this process to build positive relationships with endocrinologists that treat hypogonadism.


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