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Your best strategic accounts are your competition’s best prospects. Protect and grow your key accounts with custom sales intelligence.

Most companies today dedicate a significant budget to some version of an account-based sales strategy to serve their most profitable accounts. Especially during the global pandemic, budget dollars were diverted from marketing activities like tradeshows and events to serve these initiatives to urgently protect and retain the top strategic accounts and maximize returns on budget spend. Sales intelligence can be a key differentiator for identifying the right approach for your business.

Customized, 1-to-1 sales insights, at the right time, boosts your account-based sales strategy so you can be well-positioned to retain and win your most profitable accounts.

Relying on various analyst reports and tech-enabled databases like Hoovers, Dun & Bradstreet, DiscoverOrg, or ZoomInfo to organize and enrich data sets. These platforms certainly add some degree of intelligence but also create information overload if no one is taking the time to tailor the insights to the need of the salesperson as they prepare to interact with their key accounts.

Our sales intelligence services go beyond information aggregators and broad stroke reports to empower sales organizations to connect with decision-makers with timely, relevant perspectives.

Decision-makers want their account execs to add value to their strategy and bring new ideas. Traditional information sources and customer intelligence programs deliver information, not perspective.

What traditional information sources and customer intelligence programs do not deliver are:

    1. Forward-looking – our insights are forward-looking and don’t capture just the current state. We look forward to potential changes, specific to your clients, anticipating how they may navigate the marketplace.
    2. Expertise – our consultants are research experts, channeling more than 40 years of strategic engagements and refinement of rigorous research methodologies
    3. Non-biased and objective – an external perspective from experienced industry consultants
    4. Tailored insight and customization – provides information on what the client, competitor, or market is doing and why does it affect your position.
    5. Flexibility – play an active role in the design of each unique study instead of trying to work within a rigid data output or file.
    6. Efficiency – we have the time to dedicate to this effort. Re-focus sales organization on what they’re good at, which is relationship building.

Fuld & Company does the hard work to dig deep and sum up intelligence – and to provide the context and discuss the implications – delivering the quality insight and specific guidance needed to win large deals.


Are you ready to explore custom sales intelligence solutions to differentiate your account-based approach and better serve your best customers and prospects? Contact us now!

Sales Intelligence Services

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