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Assessing market entry opportunities for a major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer

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The SARS-COV-2 virus has dominated the world for more than two years, taking countless lives, pushing the healthcare system to its breaking point, and wreaking havoc across the globe, whilst new mutations, variants, and disease symptoms continue to emerge. As the COVID-19 pandemic has created a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, a major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer recently sought out Fuld’s advice on gauging and assessing market entry opportunities in Developing Countries and the Western Hemisphere for a potential booster dose option.


The vaccine options currently available in the Western Hemisphere are now widely and maturely established, and with the aid of governmental promotions and widespread media coverage, all the currently approved or authorized options have become household names. The challenge for our client, another first-tier major manufacturer with a well-designed and tolerated vaccine, is how to break into the market.

It is crucial for the client to monitor all major competitors and their vaccines, understand trial data, and estimate its potential next moves by comparing and visualizing advantages and disadvantages, so that by the time its vaccine is approved and authorized, it is able to deliver a convincing and evidence-backed “Why Us” message to its target audience and the wider general public. It is also essential to the client to identify and monitor any new or emerging competitors who are currently seeking authorization, especially those already advancing their vaccines to a Phase 2 or 3 trial.


In order to provide our client with the most up-to-date and holistic understanding of the issues, Fuld has set up a system monitoring more than 500 daily news sources which tracks all COVID-19 pandemic, major competitor, and worldwide or national policy developments, including:

  • New virus variants
  • Efficacy and adverse events of trials/products
  • Worldwide Activity of over 60 vaccine-developing companies
  • Manufacturing and supply issues
  • Reimbursement and purchasing issues
  • Commercial developments and sales agreements in developing countries

We deliver biweekly and monthly presentations of our findings to the client. These presentations are enhanced with deep dives into specific topics using advanced data visualization to better share information and deepen understanding. In addition to delivering regular updates on key industry developments, Fuld & Company also provides carefully-crafted analysis, delivering deep analysis for our client, helping it create marketing strategies that have direct impact on future actions.


By gaining immediate access to the most significant, relevant and current information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine developments, the client is already making strategic and operational decisions based on the intelligence Fuld is providing. As an ongoing project, we continue to monitor and deliver key insights to enable the client’s expansion across the globe.

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