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Analysis of hot fill process efficiency for a leading FMCG company

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Background + Challenge

A leading FMCG company produces beverages across its production plants in the US, using a specific filling process widely used within the FMCG industry.

The client’s senior management team believed that the efficiency of their filling process was 10% – 20% lower than the industry standards

Fuld & Company were asked to review the parameters that influence the efficiency of the given filling process, build an understanding of the processes and technologies used by other leading beverage manufacturers, and then compare efficiency levels. The objective was to help the client identify areas for improvement and the most important levers for achieving efficiency improvements in their production plants both in the US and globally.

Fuld & Company Approach

Fuld & Company experts analyzed beverage manufacturers in the US and other English-speaking countries to provide insights into the specific filling process. They went on to conduct a detailed study to compare these companies’ processes with those of the client, using a range of factors that could impact efficiency, downtime, standard operating processes/procedures, operating costs, rejection rates, and MRO activities.

Finally, the team analyzed the best practices for each of the companies and the potential efficiency gains vs costs incurred from making improvements to the client’s existing processes.  The study outcome informed clients on the following areas:

  • Defined steps/operating parameters in the given filling process, which were inferior when compared with the client’s peers and could be improved to increase efficiency
  • Delivered insights into areas/key parameters where the client was performing better than the peer companies
  • Identified potential benefits with standardization of equipment (used for the hot fill process) across the client’s plants in the US
  • Provided in-depth analysis of hot fill process best practices
  • Presented the findings via Teams/ in-person

Results for the Client

Fuld + Company’s assessment helped the client understand the areas where it was lagging in its filling process as compared to its competitors and where the client was ahead. This has helped them identify areas where efficiencies can be improved within their filling lines to gain a competitive advantage.

For more information about this case study, please contact Christian Schena, Sr Director Fuld & Co.

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