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5G News and Trends – June 2022

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For the latest and most important 5G news and developments from April and May 2022 please see below for all the key stories.

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National Governments’ Announcements for 5G

A summary of the key announcements by national governments in relation to 5G is as follows.


Telcos’ Future 5G Initiatives

Some of the future initiatives by the leading telecommunication companies are as follows:


10 May 2022: Information Technology

Nokia has opened new Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) 5G lab in Texas to support the cybersecurity community

  • Nokia, a Finnish multinational telecommunications, IT, and consumer electronics company, has opened a new 5G testing laboratory – Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) Lab – in Dallas, Texas, that will leverage the company’s Bell Labs’ capabilities
  • The lab is intended to support assessments of 5G network security resilience and software, hardware and application cybersecurity, and potential network vulnerabilities and other threat vectors
  • The ASTaR lab will be used as a central cybersecurity knowledge repository enabling the development of secure platforms and implementation of approaches to mitigate network threats and emerging cybersecurity issues


05 May 2022: Industrial

Pasternack has debuted new 5G outdoor Omni-directional antennas that support 6, 7, 8 and 10 dBi gain

  • Pasternack, a provider of RF parts, micro and millimetre wave products, has introduced outdoor omnidirectional antennas for 4G, LTE, 5G and CBRS networks
  • The new series of 5G Omni antennas offer range extension and easy deployment to build out WLAN, cellular communications and private networks, best suitable for broad coverage, as compared to traditional base station antennas that are bulky and expensive
  • The 2×2 and 4×4 MIMO configurations offered in the new series of collinear omnidirectional antennas assure double and quadruple speeds, respectively, in contrast to single-input antennas


03 May 2022: Utilities, Telecommunications 

Ubicquia and Movandi have partnered to create the first mmWave 5G Streetlight Repeaters to reduce the cost of ownership of mmWave 5G small cells

  • Ubicquia a company that offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for establishing a smart city, small cell and smart grids, entered into a strategic partnership with Movandi Corporation, one of the fastest-growing 5G mmWave solutions companies, to leverage Movandi’s technology for establishing first 5G mmWave Streetlight Repeater (streetlight-mounted smart repeater)
  • The mmWave smart repeater that plugs into a streetlight’s photocell socket in minutes and is barely visible at street level, provides the Gbps throughputs assured and required by 5G bands to keep pace with evolving capacity demands
  • These streetlight mounted repeaters speed up deployment schedules, streamline many regulatory and installation approval steps, and are very cost-effective


28 Apr 2022: Hospitality

Gale South Beach & Regent Hotel in Florida adds private 5G to the list of amenities offered, becoming one of the first few hotels in the US to do so 

  • Gale South Beach & Regent Hotel, based in Florida, becomes one of the first US hotels to deploy private 5G technology at its premises, in collaboration with private wealth management advisory firm GFO Investments and American telecommunications company AirSpan Networks
  • The roll-out that is expected to serve as a model for the rest of the hospitality industry is intended to deliver high-speed wireless access to hotel guests and unite all of its amenities like the rooms, dining outlets, rooftop pools, etc.
  • The network is being deployed with ample radios placed across the hotel premises for best coverage and performance, indoors and outdoors, exclusively for the hotel’s clientele and staff


26 Apr 2022: Information Technology

Airgain and Mobix Labs have collaborated to develop innovative products to address the growing need for bandwidth across the 5G spectrum

  • Airgain, a provider of wireless technologies and connectivity solutions, has joined hands with California based Mobix Labs, a global connectivity solutions provider for mmWave 5G and high bandwidth cable networks, for the establishment of a future-proof 5G technology
  • The new technology is intended for multiple sectors including consumer electronics, infrastructure, automotive, IoT, military, and aerospace
  • The companies have partnered to develop disruptive, high-performance wireless solutions for 5G mmWave and C-band applications, designed to significantly reduce the cost of ownership and provide solutions in 5G coverage gaps


26 Apr 2022: Defence

AT&T has been awarded a $15 million, 11-year task order, to modernize GuardNet – US National Army’s command and control network

  • AT&T, the American telecommunications company, won a contract to update the US Army National Guard’s command and control network, the GuardNet, which spans 11 time zones and has more than 124,000 users
  • AT&T will deliver VPN services for the Army National Guard’s remote training, a deal which could reap ~$15 million over the course of 11 years if all requirements are met
  • In the order awarded via the General Services Administration’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract, the telecom provider will also provide the US Department of Defence (DoD) with cloud connectivity using its NetBond system providing a private connection with VPNs


20 Apr 2022: Telecommunications

EE in collaboration with Qualcomm, becomes the first European country to achieve the fastest 5G speeds to date

  • EE, a British mobile network operator and internet service provider, as well as the first company in the country to launch 5G services, has become the first European player to successfully aggregate a 5G signal using seven different spectrum carriers
  • The experiment was performed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, using a mock device sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform and X65 5G Modem-RF System
  • The new 5G enhancement with speeds topping 2.2Gb/s in lab tests, uses five 4G spectrum bands and two 5G, expected to roll out in some UK cities in 2022, along with compatible devices


19 Apr 2022: Education, Healthcare and Industry 4.0

Athonet and BearCom have come together to provide private LTE, 5G and CBRS services to key industries including – Education, Healthcare and Industry 4.0 

  • Athonet, a provider of 5G and LTE mobile platforms for private networks, and BearCom, a wireless system integrator, have collaborated to bring private LTE, 5G and CBRS solutions to education, healthcare, Industry 4.0 and other key industries
  • The companies plan to work together for the development and deployment of private LTE proofs-of-concept to key industries across North America that are looking for a wireless solution in their enterprises with benefits of cellular coverage, security, and reliability
  • With the ongoing development, one of the most recent installations by the companies was a private LTE network using CBRS for the Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas, which is expected to support up to 4,000 students



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