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5G News and Trends – January 2023

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For the latest and most important 5G news and developments from November and December 2022 please see below for all the key stories.

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National Governments’ Announcements for 5G

A summary of the key announcements by national governments in relation to 5G:


Telcos’ Future 5G Initiatives

Some of the future initiatives by the leading telecommunication companies:


13 December 2022: Telecommunications, Submarine

Nokia has established Europe’s largest private industrial 5G network at its submarine cables manufacturing factory – ASN – in France

  • Nokia, a Finnish telecom MNC, has launched a private industrial 5G network at its Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) factory in Calais, France, which is financed by the French government under their ‘Recovery Plan and the Future Investment Program’
  • The latest deployment is known to be Europe’s largest private industrial 5G network, using 59 small cell antennas to cover a 50,000 square-meter production site
  • The potential spectrum usage at the site is expected to be open at 3.8-4.0 GHz band, covering 11 buildings and several loading docks, comprising 57 indoor emission points and 2 outdoor emission points

12 December 2022: Space

Lynk Global plans to launch a 5G cellular base station into orbit in a satellite direct-to-device market move

  • Lynk Global, a company developing a satellite-to-mobile-phone satellite constellation, plans to launch a 5G cellular base station into orbit as a first-of-its-kind test
  • The company aims to provide 5G coverage from orbit, filling in gaps where cell service is unavailable, and plans to ramp up production for a 5,000 satellite constellation in anticipation of 5G by 2026
  • The test would assess the feasibility of transmitting 5G signals from space to standard 5G devices, such as phones, while eliminating any need for a separate satellite phone and subscription

12 December 2022: Automotive

Porsche Engineering and Vodafone have collaboratively established Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network (MPN) in Italy

  • Porsche Engineering, an engineering service provider for automobile manufacturers and suppliers, and Vodafone Business, a leading technology communications company, have joined together to establish a 5G hybrid mobile private network (MPN) at Nardò Technical Center (NTC), Italy
  • The new jointly established mobile network is Europe’s first 5G hybrid network intended for the development of intelligent and connected vehicles
  • The new network infrastructure will enable 4G and 5G coverage throughout the testing centre, allowing customers to efficiently develop and validate a wide range of future automotive businesses

02 December 2022: Defense

Lockheed Martin and Intel Corporation have partnered to enhance future battlefield connectivity of the military aircrafts for the Department of Defense

  • Lockheed Martin, an aerospace, arms, defense, information security, and technology corporation, and Intel Corp., a semiconductor and IT MNC, have announced a partnership to establish 5G capabilities for military aircraft use
  • The companies collaboratively conducted a lab demo of military tactical radios integrated into the company’s 5G wireless military technology to advance future battlefield connectivity
  • The flight testing that will take place in 2023 will be part of the Lockheed Martin’s ‘Project Carrera’ in support of the Defense Department’s aim of joint all-domain operations

30 November 2022: Construction, Infrastructure

Qualcomm Technologies and Siemens plan to enhance 5G ‘smart building’ networks through effective connection of smart HVAC assets

  • Qualcomm Technologies, an IT and semiconductor MNC, and Siemens, an industrial manufacturing and automation MNC, have come together to deploy 5G private network (PN) for redefining building automation in the Americas region
  • The 5G network will be based on the Snapdragon® X55 5G Modem-RF System for industry use cases of efficient connection of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) devices
  • The new initiative intends to enhance digitalisation in building automation by developing intelligent smart devices to meet the growing customer needs around energy efficiency, reduce costs of ownership, increase security, and proactive maintenance

28 November 2022: Telecommunications

STC Kuwait and BICS have established the world’s first intercontinental 5G standalone roaming network

  • STC, the Kuwait Telecom Company, and BICS, a mobile digital communication company, have established a 5G standalone (SA) roaming connection in a non-lab environment network between Europe and Middle East
  • The intercontinental connection, which is known to be a first-of-its-kind, has been established between two live networks in Europe and the Middle East region to enhance global 5G adoption
  • The connection demonstrated successful roaming between BICS’s parent company Proximus’s and STC Kuwait’s 5G SA network, to set up connectivity between the visited and home network

24 November 2022: Aviation

The European Commission has announced a new ruling allowing EU airlines to provide 5G technology on their planes

  • The European Commission has ruled that airlines in the EU will be able to provide 5G connectivity on planes, allowing passengers aboard flights to use their mobile phones and all its features just like on ground
  • The service is provided through a ‘pico-cell – a special network equipment’, to connect the users and route calls, texts, and data via a satellite network between the airplane and the ground-based mobile network
  • The new ruling also allows the EU Member States to make the 5GHz frequency bands available for use aboard road vehicles


17 November 2022: Education

Federated Wireless and AWS have established a private 5G network deployment at California Polytechnic State University for enhancing cloud, edge and IoT adoption

  • Federated Wireless, a wireless telecommunications company, announced a private wireless deployment at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) Campus with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The companies intend to support the university’s 5G innovation network through the new deployment for increasing research capabilities, enhancing bandwidth and advancing connectivity across the university campus
  • Through the new network, the university will be able to leverage the cloud-based advantages of shared-spectrum enabled CBRS 5G connectivity to advance innovative projects and research


For a PDF version of this news please download here.

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