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5G News and Trends – December 2022

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For the latest and most important 5G news and developments from Oct and Nov 2022 please see below for all the key stories.

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National Governments’ Announcements for 5G

A summary of the key announcements by national governments in relation to 5G is as follows.

Telcos’ Future 5G Initiatives

Some of the future initiatives by the leading telecommunication companies are as follows:

13 November 2022: Automotive, Semiconductor

MediaTek and Skyworks Solutions have come together to establish new 5G solutions in the form of a new 5G radio design for the automotive OEMs

  • Skyworks Solutions, an American semiconductor manufacturing company, and MediaTek, a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, have come together to offer a full-fledged modem-to-antenna automotive-grade 5G solution to the automotive OEM consumers
  • The new 5G Radio Sky5A RF front-end solution established by the companies collaboratively is intended to enable seamless integration within the automotive communications systems
  • The 5G solution will offer high performance, reliability and flexibility to support advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technology meeting the growing demands for bandwidth and advanced connectivity in new-generation vehicles


08 November 2022: Airport

Brazil’s Belo Horizonte International Airport has selected Telefónica Brasil’s Vivo to establish a 5G connectivity hub at its terminal

  • Belo Horizonte, the sixth-largest city in Brazil, has chosen Vivo, the trademark of Telefónica Brasil – the leading telecommunications company, to deploy 5G connectivity at the Belo Horizonte International Airport by establishing a new 5G test lab within the airport’s facilities
  • The collaboration intends to integrate an ecosystem of innovation in the functioning of the Minas Gerais terminal of the BH Airport for expanding the efficiency of airport services like facial recognition, luggage scanning, real-time bag tracking, etc.
  • The new move aims at transitioning the airport into a 5G hub that will bring together tech companies, industries, startups, and universities for greater sustainability and better experiences for the overall society


07 November 2022: Space, Telecommunications

Sateliot, the first nano-satellite telecom company, plans to offer cheaper worldwide 5G connectivity for IoT devices through the launch of its first 5G nanosatellite constellation

  • Sateliot, a satellite operator that offers global satellite IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT, has launched a functional nano-satellite on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to bring a technological breakthrough on par with the emergence of GPS
  • The move has been intended to accelerate the adoption of 5G connectivity for IoT devices offering a cheaper worldwide connectivity
  • The 5G nanosatellite constellation is the company’s first satellite launch that will provide signals to 13 billion devices worldwide at a similar price to that of terrestrial network

07 November 2022: Manufacturing

Siasun Robotics and Huawei have joined forces to bring 5G smart manufacturing solutions for the first time in Thailand by utilizing their robotics and ICT technologies

  • Siasun Robotics, one of the largest robotics manufacturers in China, is planning to enter into a partnership with Huawei, a China-based telecommunications equipment company, to accelerate 5G smart manufacturing and transformation of the local supply chain
  • The companies have signed a cooperation MoU to advance robotics technology applied to manufacturing industries in Thailand to leverage 5G network solutions seamlessly
  • The companies will collaboratively provide Thailand’s first commercial 5G smart factory solution with SIASUN’s AGV, ASRS, Robotic system, and HUAWEI’s cutting-edge 5G ICT technologies

03 November 2022: Aviation

Airtel has officially deployed the Airtel 5G Plus network at the Kempegowda International Airport’s New Terminal in Bengaluru, India

  • The Kempegowda International Airport, known to be south India’s busiest airport, has received 5G connectivity, enabling lightning-fast internet speeds for mobile phone users across all areas of the airport
  • The new deployment which is part of phase I of the Airport’s expansion plan will boost the passenger capacity at the BLR airport by an additional 25 million annually, while an additional 20 million travelers are planned under the upcoming phase II
  • The move has been announced by telecom operator Bharti Airtel which has deployed Airtel 5G Plus at Terminal 2 of the airport where all Airtel customers with 5G smartphones will be able to enjoy the high-speed Airtel 5G Plus on their existing sim cards and data plans


27 October 2022: Mining

Helium Deploy has partnered with Baicells to establish the US Helium 5G Network for the first time at the global level

  • Helium Deploy, a Canada-based hotspot reseller and provider of Helium 5G mining bundle, has entered into a collaboration with Baicells, a provider of innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR Access Solutions, to enhance and expedite the use of Helium 5G Network in the US as well as to the international community
  • Under the partnership, Helium Deploy will invest $9.5 million of funds in Baicells Nova430H DeWi radios to offer the Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) Network model to the global market
  • The deployment of Helium 5G mining has been introduced outside of the US to the global village for the first time by the new partnership, under which over 6,000 radios will be deployed across the US

25 October 2022: Information Technology

Cognizant and Qualcomm have expanded their partnership to establish the 5G Center for Digital Transformation for offering smart services across various industry sectors

  • Cognizant, an American IT and consulting MNC, has extended its partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, an American MNC that creates semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology, to establish a new 5G experience center in Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • The center will offer solutions to clients to expedite enterprise digital transformation and solve specific business challenges
  • The new initiative is based on 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies that will help with the enablement of services like autonomous driving, robotic automation, synthetic biology, virtual reality, smart manufacturing, etc.


24 October 2022: Mining

Becker Mining Systems has selected Ericsson as its 5G network partner to enhance the capabilities of the mining industry in various countries

  • Becker Mining Systems, a high-tech supplier in the fields of energy distribution, automation, communication, and transportation technologies, has signed a multi-country reselling agreement with Ericsson, the Swedish telecom MNC, to discover the aspects of smart mining
  • Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide ‘the Ericsson Private 5G (EP5G)’ and private network solutions to Becker, becoming its 5G network partner in Canada, the US, Mexico, Chile, France, Germany, and Poland
  • The agreement is expected to expand to more countries going forward, to improve the processes, yields, and availability of technological services in the mining industry

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