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The Fuld Institute for Competitive Strategy provides executives with critical insights to support strategic planning and corporate decision making.

We produce strategic reports prepared by Fuld + Co. consultants in collaboration with a global panel of senior executives across a wide span of industries.

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New White Paper:

Targeting Regional Growth Opportunities for Medical Devices Companies

Investment by both corporate and equity investors continues to grow in emerging markets in search of growth opportunities. As one might expect, formulating such growth strategy and evaluating new targets of investment, require new skills and knowledge and introduce new risks.  Fuld + Company has pinpointed three very common strategic errors that executives make, or risks they face, while pursuing growth opportunities in high-growth regions: Homogeneity Risk, Analogous Market Risk, and Absolute Attractiveness Risk.

To understand these risks better, Fuld + Company took a closer look at a consulting engagement we had with a medical devices firm. A case study will demonstrate the seductive power of these three risks and the behavior exhibited by our client executives to refine their investment strategy.


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Competitive Intelligence Library

Healthcare Scenarios in a Trump World

Healthcare Scenarios in a Trump World
Perhaps no sector of the U.S. economy is more ill-prepared for Trump's presidency next than the healthcare industry

Competitive Pricing Strategy Competitive Pricing Intelligence
How to leverage competitive intelligence for your organization's pricing strategy

WP_CompetitorCrazyIvans Competitor Crazy Ivans
Anticipating radical changes in direction

WP_GlobalBenchmarkingUpdate CI Global Benchmarking Project Update 2013
Super corporate intelligence programs have grown, despite a recession

WP_CompetitiveThreats Competitive Threats
A survey on the most and least significant threats to U.S. and European companies
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WP_HealthcareScenarioAnalysis Over the Line™ Ethics Survey
A report on the boundaries of gathering competitor information
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Health + Life Sciences White Papers

Patient CompliancePatient Compliance: The Next Challenge in Healthcare Innovation
Patient compliance has proven to involve more than just the pharmaceutical companies developing the drugs.

Digital Strategies for Pharmaceutical Salesforces Digital Strategies for Pharmaceutical Salesforces
Pharmaceutical sales methods are changing due to a wide variety of new digital and technological innovations

New Call-to-actionProduct Launch Pitfalls
Fuld + Company analyzed the most common pitfalls that have hampered dozens of product launches.

New Call-to-actionTop Ten Trends in Healthcare Technology
How technological innovation is changing the landscape of healthcare

Health Care Convergence New Strategies for Healthcare Industry Convergence
When setting competitive strategy in rapidly converging markets, it's easy to miss the forest for the trees.

WP_Healthcare RetailizationThe Potential Explosion of Healthcare Retailization
It's not Apple's iWatch, but McDonalds that could revolutionize healthcare!

New Call-to-actionTelemedicine...Really?
Why the long-promised revolution will finally arrive

WP_BoilingtheFrogBoiling the Frog™
A global survey and report about potential industry shocks that concern life sciences executives

General Industry White Papers

The The Power of Patent Intelligence
Resourceful companies are using Intellectual Property analytics to formulate better business strategies.

New Call-to-actionTop Ten Trends in Healthcare Technology
How technological innovation is changing the landscape of healthcare

A Fuld + Company Case Study Exploring New Markets to Boost Plant Capacity Utilization
How we prioritized adjacent markets for a food and beverage manufacturer

competitive advantage through deep learning Competitive Advantage through Deep Learning
Whether you realize it or not, chances are that you have interacted with one or more deep learning algorithms within the last few hours.

Navigating Risks in Emerging EconomiesNavigating Risks in Emerging Economies
How to systematically identify, analyze, and react to risks in far flung locations.

WP_ArtofAnticipatingDisruptionsThe Art of Anticipating Disruptions
How some companies - Cisco, Corning, Intel, Shell, Wyeth (Pfizer) get it right

WP_MillennialsMillennials: Predictors of Future Disruptions
Hear what hundreds of millennials have to say about the next marketplace

Fuld + Company has been releasing reports on competitive intelligence, strategic planning, and industry trends for over 30 years. Visit our archive to access the full library of publications.
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New Call-to-actionStrategic Consulting


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Case Studies

MCS001 Make the Right Strategic Acquisition

MCS002 Get Ahead of New Competition

MCS003 Understand and Manage Disruption

MCS004 Anticipate Futures and Plan for Them

MCS005 Streamline Field Force Through Benchmarking

MCS006 Avoid Blind-Side Product Threats

MCS007 Raise Prices Without Losing Customers

MCS008 Segment and Know Your Market

MCS009 Counter Competitor Sales Strategies

MCS010 Trace Supply Chains Before Market Entry

MCS011 Uncover Supplier Networks

MCS012 Position to Benefit from Regulatory Change

Prepare for 21st Century Population Growth

Prepare for 21st Century Population Growth

MCS014 Prepare for Supply Chain Disruption

Restrict Competitor Product Launch

Restrict Competitor Product Launch

Maintain Market Dominance

Maintain Market Dominance

Stay on top of Market DevelopmentsStay on top of Market Developments

Streamline a Legacy FranchiseStreamline a Legacy Franchise

Invigorate a Market Launch StrategyInvigorate a Market Launch Strategy

Compare R&D Priorities and IP StrategyCompare R&D Priorities and IP Strategy

Partner with the Right StartupPartner with the Right Startup

Protect Market Share amidst Generic LaunchProtect Market Share amidst Generic Launch

Protect Market Share from New Market EntrantsProtect Market Share from New Market Entrants

Design a Market Entry StrategyDesign a Market Entry Strategy

Recognize New Revenue SourcesRecognize New Revenue Sources

Identify Growth Opportunities in Emerging MarketsIdentify Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Implement Cost-Competitive Manufacturing ProcessesImplement Cost-Competitive Manufacturing Processes

Find Out Whether Cost Is Losing You DealsFind Out Whether Cost is Losing You Deals

Adapt to a New Competitive LandscapeAdapt to a New Competitive Landscape

Analyze and Prioritize Growth OpportunitiesAnalyze and Prioritize Growth Opportunities

Enter a New Market Knowing Competitor Value PropositionsEnter a New Market Knowing Competitor Value Propositions

Resolve Complex Pricing DisadvantagesResolve Complex Pricing Disadvantages

Thwart Competitors with Multi-Brand StrategyThwart Competitors with Multi-Brand Strategy

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Pursue Innovation to Disrupt Markets

New Call-to-actionAlign E-Commerce with Traditional Retail

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Set Flexible Long-Term R&D Strategy


RC_WhatisCI What is Competitive Intelligence?

RC_HealthcareDichotomies Healthcare Dichotomies That Are Threatening Your Industry

C-Suite Candor with Leonard Fuld

C-SuiteCandor_PatO'Keefe Throw Out Market Share!
How the CEO of a billion-dollar company argues for value over share

C-SuiteCandor_WillEthridge Sometimes Being First-to-Market is the Last Thing You Want!
Pearson's CEO raises an innovation red flag

C-SuiteCandor_DaveSenay Ignore Dogma...Often It's Better To Go With Your Gut
The CEO of one of the largest global communications firms defies convention

C-SuiteCandor_DavidNorton Victory, One Slice at a Time
Harrah's CMO wants you to think creatively and quantitatively about market opportunities

C-SuiteCandor_EdGiera How One Man Resisted the Lemmings
A High-Wire story of how one JP Morgan executive survived strategic market pressure

C-SuiteCandor_MichelDarnaud Knowing When to Reject Advice and Why
A Boston Scientific president tells you to trust your intelligence perspective

C-SuiteCandor_KenFreeman Failing in a One-Screen World
How facing brutal, honest customer feedback helped turn around a   company

C-SuiteCandor_JimMongiardo Jim Mongiardo: Boundary Hunter
How one CEO knows how to push the limits


RC_SecretLanguageofCI Book Excerpt:
The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence

RC_TheNewCI Book Excerpt:
The New Competitor Intelligence

RC_IntelligenceDictionary Competitive Intelligence Dictionary

RC_IntelligenceIndex Internet Intelligence Index

RC_IntelligenceIndexPharma Internet Intelligence Index
For Pharma-Healthcare

RC_IntelligenceOrganizer Intelligence Organizer


AR_AnExercisetoGetYourTeamThinkingDifferentlyAbouttheFuture An Exercise to Get Your Team Thinking Differently About the Future

WP_PharmaExecEarlyWarning Four Mistakes to Avoid When Predicting Competitors’ Moves

AR_CEOsGetToKnowYourRivals CEOs, Get to Know Your Rivals

AR_TakeYourShowontheRoad Take Your Show on the Road

AR_FourSuggestionsasYouFaceYourIndustrysSteamroller Four Suggestions as You Face Your Industry's Steamroller

AR_EmbracetheBusinessModelthatThreatensYou Embrace the Business Model That Threatens You

AR_WhyOnlineEducationWontKillYourCampus Why Online Education Won't Kill Your Campus

AR_WhatDoMountStHelensandIndustryDisruptionsHaveinCommon What Do Mount St. Helens and Industry Disruptions Have in Common?

AR_UsingWarGamestoTesttheFuture Using War Games to Test the Future


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