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Most firms lack a full strategic plan

We wanted to know: What is the state of strategic planning across industries? Are companies successfully using information and analytical insights to develop comprehensive strategic plans? What steps are corporations taking to mitigate risks that exist in today's, and tomorrow's, environment?

We surveyed C-Suite Executives, Principals, VPs, and R&D, Strategy and Competitive Intelligence professionals to find out.

Across all industries, over fifty percent of respondents report that their organization has not formulated a strategic plan that incorporates alternative scenarios and monitors indicators. A vast majority have not created risk mitigation plans.

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Competitive Strategy Report

Competing in Furniture


In a recent survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers, The Fuld Institute of Competitive Strategy investigated the impact of changing consumer preferences and buying behavior, digital disruption, pricing pressures, multi-channel retail options, and new online players in the furniture industry.

Use of advanced and creative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality can greatly facilitate marketplace movement but, alone, will likely not suffice to capture consumers. Today’s, and likely tomorrow’s, consumers are more interested in buying furniture that helps them achieve efficiencies in terms of money, space, health, and environment. The furniture players who will adapt to these realities sooner than the others will be the winners in the market.

  • Competing in Furniture
  • Competing in Furniture
  • Competing in Furniture
  • Competing in Furniture

"Over one-third of consumers were interested in multi-use furniture. This was especially true for millennials:
46.5% of consumers aged
18-34 expressed interest in
multi-use furniture."

 Competing in Furniture

How Consumer Lifestyles and the Digital Experience Should Inform Strategy


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Competitive Intensity:
Hotel Sector


Executives in every industry are worried about disruptive digital models, but those in the lodging industry have been feeling the crunch for two decades. Online travel agencies accelerate competition in the already fragmented hospitality market, Airbnb's growth shows no signs of stopping, and technology giants such as Google and Facebook make further inroads into the travel space with every quarter.

By analyzing the pace of innovation, growth rate, entry and exit trends, and the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index score (a calculation of market concentration) of the global hotel sector, the Fuld Institute for Competitive Strategy's Competitive Intensity Report assesses today's competitive environment and recommends strategies for the digital age.

“Competition in the global
hotel industry is increasing as
online booking and travel
platforms continue to fragment the industry, fueling major M&A activity.”
Hotel Sector
Competitive Intensity Report
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The Fuld Institute for Competitive Strategy provides executives with critical insights to support strategic planning and corporate decision making. We produce strategic reports prepared by Fuld + Company consultants in collaboration with a global panel of senior executives across a wide span of industries.

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