For over 35 years, Fuld + Company has provided competitive intelligence and strategic consulting to the world's best known brands, in nearly every industry.

Here are lists of just a few of those projects.


Protect Market Share from New Market Entrants

Partner with the Right Startup

Protect Market Share amidst Generic Launch


Automotive  auto

CI Framework
Motorcyle Manufacturer Canada
Thailand Strategy Game
Precision Strategy Gameplanner
End User Financing
Competitor New Non Pneumatic Tire Investment
Competitor Cost Study
Headcount to Production Ratios
Auto Club Transformation
Auto Aftermarket IT Budgets

CI Training for Producers and Network
Floater Sprayer Scenario Gaming
Competitor End-User Financing
Competitor Study
Transportation Costs
Company Scan
Competitor Tire Company
Multiple Competitor Monitoring
Plant Study


Package Delivery Cost Study
Competitor Asset Management Communication
Online Tax Processing Competitors
Healthcare In-House Seminar
Competitor Strategies
Economic Consulting Competitive Landscape
Revenue Assurance Analysis
Retiree Pool Management
Competitive Pricing Analysis
Shred Competitive Pricing Analysis

Electronic Procurement Systems
M&S Win Loss Analysis
Factor VIII Competitors
Vendor Fraud Management Solution Profiles
Leadership Online Consultation
Care Staffing Service Assignment
Literature Search
Retirement Plan Analysis
War Game Facilitation Support
Investment Opportunity Assessment

Consumer Goods  

Counter Competitor Sales Strategies

Trace Supply Chains Before Market Entry

Design a Market Entry Strategy

Core Competencies Workshop
Competitor Revenue Analysis
Board Candidate Search
Position Assessment
Win/Loss Plus
Teen Best Practices
New Market Entry Study
Bottle Pricing Study
Retail partnership Research
Competitive Deep Dive

Competitor Study Chain Analysis
One-Day Strategy Session
Early Warning Extention
Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
Dairy Process Technology Acquisition
Twelve Strategic Profiles
Competitive Intelligence Process Consult
Customer Data Collection & Retention
In-Depth Research Profiles & Monitoring
Savory/Salty Snacks War Game


New England Electric System
Study of Potential Acquisition
PJM Generation Development
Utility Industry Trends
Energy Service Companies in Ohio
Early Warning System
Commercial Light Industrial
Scrubber Market Activity
Energy Service Partners
Energy Sense Competitors

Power Plant Performance
Competitor's Strategies
Internal Training & Workshops
Trade Show Intelligence Collection
Win-Loss Debriefs
Trade Show Intel Collection
Power Plant Development Status
Strategy Game for Internal Group
E&P Technology Strategy
Retail Fuel Markets: Russia & Indonesia

Financial Services  

Understand and Manage Disruption

Anticipate Futures and Plan for Them

Technology Benchmarking
Commercial Card Competitive Assessment
Private Banking Strategies for Women
OnLine Sales Enablement Platforms
Online Management Functionality Grid
Stored Value Research
Patriot Act Compliance
Advisor Enablement
Next Generation Banking: Bundling
Small Business Competitor Study

Life Events Marketing
Digital SWOT
Competitor Outsourcing of IT Services
CI Process Consulting
Property & Casual Lines War Game
International Payment Providers
Life Insurance & Non-Traditional Competition
Money Movement Landscape
Risk Management Study
Competitor Sales Force Models and Strategy

Healthcare Payer/Provider  

Segment and Know Your Market

Position to Benefit from Regulatory Change

Stay on top of Market Developments

Analysis of Ingredient in Flea & Tick Control
Strategic Monitoring of the OTC Market
Lyme Disease - A Competitve Landscape Study
Annual Monitoring
In-House Seminar
Competitive Benchmarking
Hospital Competitor Profiles
Competitor Research
Acquisition Workshop
Competitive Intelligence Jumpstart Program

Scenario Planning
Orthopedic Acquirer Research
Healthcare Reform on NJ Market
Competitive Assessments
In-Store Clinics
OTC Packaging
Rapid Response Competitor Research
Medical Beds
Competitor Health Care Payer Data Storage
In-House CI Training

Infrastructure/Industrial Goods  

Compare R&D Priorities and IP Strategy

Adapt to a New Competitive Landscape

Implement Cost-Competitive Manufacturing Processes

E-Cigarette / Vape Directory
Market Entry Strategy
Film Manufacturer Research
Conferences and Research
Manufacturing Benchmarks for Costs & Production
In-Depth Competitor Study
Cotton Based Pulp Feasibility
Engineering Skills Rates
Acquisition Analysis
Market Sensing Transport & Utilities

Water & Power- Construction & Procurement
Corregated Boxes
Competitor Plant Capacity Investigation
Cost Benchmarking Study
Chemicals Pricing Trends
Electro-Optical Sensors
Competitor Procurement Organization
Chemicals Market Assessment in Indonesia
Competitor Plans for EPA Tier 4 Compliance
Scenario-Based War Game


Uncover Supplier Networks

Prepare for Supply Chain Disruption

Retail Best Practices
Competitive Analysis - Retail
CI Framework Consulting
CI Process Implementation
Franchise Competitor Expansion
Profile of Competitor
Competitor Research & Analysis
Competitor Buyers Benchmark Research
Private Label Competitor Research
Competitor Store Closings - Impact and Opportunity

CI Monitoring Panel Pilot Project
New Product Japan Launch
CI System Diagnostic
Competitor Development Profile
Strategic Gaming
Competitor Foods Investigation
Competitor Investigation
Western Union Investigation
On-Line Research on Grocery Firms
Field Operations Structure Research


Raise Prices Without Losing Customers

Enter a New Market Knowing Competitor Value Propositions

Key Executive Profiles
Competitive Scenario Planning
Quarterly Analysis of Sales Losses
Safeguarding Proprietary Info
Competitor Side-by-Sides
Telecom Pricing & Packaging
Competitor Market and Product Strategies
Telco Data Monitization
Competitor Cost and Price Benchmarking
Win/Loss Analysis - Single Competitor

China Market Entry - Intelligent Capture
Linking Strategy & Competitive Intelligence
Thermal Imaging Market Project
Proposal & Sales Time
CI Jumpstart
Industry Analysis
Interoperability Win-Loss Insights
Wireless Design Benchmarking
Assessment of Handset Roadmap
Win/Loss & Battlecards


Partner with the Right Startup

Truck Stop Independent Analysis
Benchmarking Competitor Hallmarks
Food & Beverage Global Trends Research
Competitor Update
Analysis of Competitor Franchising Fees
Mid-Market Corporate Travel Research
Competitor Marketing Strategy
Comprehensive News Monitoring and Report
Competitior Parent Level Profiles
Hotel Group - Annual Monitoring

Trends Assessment
Digital SWOT
Disruptive Competitor Study
Brand Value and Loyalty Metrics for 6 Brands
Travel Agency Invoice Study
Social Travel
Online Travel Agencies & Hospital Verticals
Hotel Folio Data
T&E Management Consulting
Tire Management Systems



Recognize New Revenue Sources

Identify Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Dermatology Product Competition
Biosimilar Product Launch Research - EU and N. America
Anemia Market Global Monitoring
Heart Failure Launch Strategy/Market Defense
Ophthalmology Sales Force Benchmarking
Multiple Myeloma Landscape & Strategic Planning
Hemophilia Gene Therapy Trial
NSCLC Competitive Simulation of Competitor Launch
Managed Care and Physician Support Services - Neurology
Case Studies - Orphan Drug Status

Rheumatoid Arthritis Study
S1P1 Candidate Research
Iron Chelation Salesforce
Developing CI Capability
Steroid/Anti-Infective Combination
Ulcerative Colitis Comp Landscape
Smallpox Vaccines Investigation
Hematological Oncology Competitor Assessment
Inflammation War Game
GIST Patient Support Services

Diagnostics  Diagnostics_Icon.png

Make the Right Strategic Acquisition

Get Ahead of New Competition


High Throughput Blood Screening
Virology Assay Pricing in US & EU
Respiratory Diagnostics Monitoring
Point-of-Care Diagnostics Monitoring
State & Future Development of Testosterone Testing
ISBT Conference Coverage
Benchmarking of Competitor Diagnostic Laboratory
Regulatory Presentation

Cost Benchmarking of Competitor
One-Step Blood Glucose Meter Product Development
Blood Glucose Monitoring Test Strip Manufacturing
Competitor Acquisition Assessment
Predicting Competitor Product Launches
Alliance Due Dilligence
UK Competitor Supply Chain & Distribution

Medical Devices    

Landscape on Health Information Technology
Gastric Band War Game
Laproscopic Surgery War Game
Medical Imaging Supply Interruption Research
Equipment Failure Survey
Dental Implant Market - Competitive Landscape
Epinephrine Drug Delivery
US Competitor Sales Force Benchmarking
Implantable Drug Delivery
Global Supply Ingredient Assessment

Market Landscape for Respiratory Products
Ventiliation Market Assessment
Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring
Partner Contract War Game
Vision Care - Early Warning System
Inhaled Technologies: Delivery Devices
Surgical Devices Competitor Profiles
Medical Device Research Pay Per Use
Sleap Apnea Product Developments
Surgical Devices Study


Streamline Field Force Through Benchmarking

Avoid Blind-Side Product Threats

Restrict Competitor Product Launch

Hemophilia Market Monitoring
Gram-Positive Anti-Infectives Market
Vaccine Development Monitoring
Epilepsy Competitor Monitoring
Multiple Sclerosis Market Monitoring
NSCLC War Game - Market Launch
Anti-coagulant Commercial Competitive Landscape
Ophthalmology Montoring & Conference Coverage
Endometriosis Market Monitoring
Diabetes Salesforce Study

Analysis of Market Expansion Strategies
Assessing the Anti-Depressant Market
Onsite Clinic Evaluation and Market Sizing
Oncology Immunotherapy Landscape
Obesity Market Monitoring
Research on Travel Drug Programs
Pain Management Marketplace Monitoring
Breast Cancer Drug Development
Case Studies - Orphan Drug Status
Brand Defense Planning