Market Analysis


Capture Necessary Competitor Market Information.

When making decisions based on the size and growth of a market, the burden of proof is high. You can’t afford to just pick a number from an analyst report unless you are sure their definition of the market, considering customer segments, product segments, or channel segments, is exactly the same as yours. Relying on historical growth numbers to forecast the future is also a risk. New entrants and new market trends may already be impacting those historical growth estimates.

Incorrect or stale market size, competitor and growth information could mean making an unsound strategic decision: entering an unattractive geography, not investing in a promising business unit, or overlooking an attractive customer segment.

At Fuld & Company, we take the time to understand why you need a market analysis, and what information will offer the most relevant decision support.

We design and customize our market analysis to give you the most accurate information, integrating client data to put your company’s performance in context. Whether conducting primary or secondary research, quantitative analysis and modeling, or market growth modeling, we keep the ultimate goal – decision clarity – in mind.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Target Market Analysis
  • Market Analysis for Business Plans
  • Market Sizing
  • Market Forecasting
  • Channel Segmentation and Sizing
  • Competitor Landscape Analysis + Benchmarking
  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Knowledge Management and Reporting
  • Technology Landscape Assessment + Benchmarking

Fuld & Company can keep your entire team up to date with market developments delivered in the format that suits your workflow, whether newsletters or customized dashboards. Sophisticated algorithms for sourcing and structuring information are combined with curation from our analysts to deliver periodic updates.

Strategic and tactical planning processes need a thorough market review on a regular basis. Whether you need a single answer to a defined question or ongoing monitoring of markets, Fuld & Company can support your market intelligence needs.

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Understand your current competition and market better. Stay on the pulse through systematic monitoring or get on-demand insights.


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