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Market research on the sugar-free / diabetes-friendly food market for a private equity fund

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Conducting extensive market research on the sugar-free / diabetes-friendly food market for a private equity fund to ascertain market potential and opportunities for sound investment

Background + Challenge

A private equity fund wanted to conduct an in-depth market research on the sugar-free / diabetes-friendly food market to determine the position of private equity investments in the market, and the recent transactions executed by other funds. The primary objective of this exercise was to assess if the market in focus is robust enough, and provides room for considerable growth of the potential investments made by the fund.

Fuld and Company’s Solution

Fuld and Company conducted a comprehensive market research covering sugar-free / diabetes-friendly food market in various geographies, including North America and the global market. The report included various market segments, studying the key market trends and major players operating in the market.
In order to provide a diversified perspective to the fund, the report highlighted other dietary trends and, government regulations and guidelines in the geographies covered.

In addition, the research report included an exhaustive section about the past PE activity and the PE-backed players in the market, listing their investors and the financing deals executed in the past. For the purpose of benchmarking, the ‘recent merger and acquisition transactions’ section of the report illustrated the deal size and key multiples of the numerous transactions carried out in the recent years.

Outcome for Client

The market research report enabled the private equity fund to attain an encyclopedic perspective of the market and its investment potential. It aided the deliberation process of the fund, helping it to make a sound decision with regard to its potential investments in the market. The market research equipped the fund with the knowledge and insights needed to diversify into a new market with high growth prospects.


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