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Covid-19 Impact Survey – Early Results

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Intelligence professionals respond to shifts in priorities, increased pressure from management, and fewer resources.

The COVID-19 induced shutdowns have reset the agenda for strategy, intelligence, and insights professionals. Fuld & Company deployed this survey to better understand how corporate functions are adapting to these uncertain times and where they are delivering value to decision-makers. Our COVID-19 Impact Survey has yielded compelling results thus far and we wanted to share some early results in advance of a more detailed analysis and set of observations.

Highlights from the COVID-19 Impact Survey:

  • Intelligence professionals felt they were prepared for a crisis-event: 66% of respondents claim that they agree or strongly agree with having a contingency plan for crisis response. 50% of respondents claim they are spending less than 25% of their time on Covid-19 related work; 64% believe working remotely has not impaired their function’s effectiveness.
  • Management is more interested in intelligence professionals’ output than before: ~53% of respondents claim that their output is under more scrutiny than before; while 61% of respondents claim they are experiencing limitations on access to tools, technologies and subscriptions and more than 50% are suffering from budget cuts.
  • Priorities and initiatives are largely focused on near-term: 73% believe of respondents believe understanding near-term customer preferences and priorities is a high priority; ~70% of respondents believe near-term market outlook is high priority for their group.

Coming shortly, full insights drawn from the survey.

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