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Conducting competitive assessment using battlecards to help a technology company gain market share

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Background + Challenge

A Fortune 500 technology company wanted to increase its market share in the cloud infrastructure space. Given the dynamic nature of the field of technology and the strong network and brand positioning of its competitors, the client wanted to ensure retention of its existing clients while working toward adding new ones. In order to strengthen its position in the industry, it wanted to assess competitors’ support offerings for cloud and workflow solutions, and evaluate the areas of risk and opportunities.

Fuld & Company’s Solution

Fuld & Company conducted a detailed study comprising extensive secondary research and expert interviews. The study included a benchmark analysis of select competitors, covering the broader support function and its different features. It also included a scorecard framework for the quantitative assessment of competitors based on the different support features they offer.

In addition, several support feature-specific battlecards were prepared, in which the competitors were individually evaluated on the basis of their unique propositions, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses with respect to the given features. The battlecards also covered competitors’ selling points and the corresponding responses/recommendations that the client’s sales team can leverage to attract competitors’ clients and other prospects.

Outcome for Client

Competitor benchmarking analysis enabled the client to understand the granularities of the different support features provided by its competitors and helped it to identify the areas where it needs to strengthen its operational capabilities. The battlecards provided critical insights that equipped its sales teams to win competitive deals. The client was so impressed with the findings of the competitive assessment and the battlecards that it decided to engage with Fuld & Company to execute a quarterly monitoring program for core competitors against potential threats and for the maintenance of battlecard content.


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