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Benchmarking a global beverage manufacturer’s critical processes against its competitors to enable process efficiency

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Background & Challenge

The management team of a global beverage manufacturing company wanted to compare the efficiency level of one of its beverage manufacturing processes with that of the other beverage manufacturers that use the same process. The team believed that the efficiency of this process was lower than the industry standard. With this analysis and the benchmarking exercise, the client aimed to identify the areas for improvement and best practices to enhance process efficiency across its manufacturing plants.

Fuld & Company’s Solution

Fuld & Company provided an integrated research solution, combining in-depth desk research with detailed discussions with several experts working in different beverage manufacturing companies, to understand the process, efficiency levels, and the factors causing downtime during operations. The insights gathered identified the various factors affecting efficiency and the best practices that the client’s competitors follow to maximize their efficiency.

The final report included an executive summary that highlighted the similarities and differences among different players with regard to the covered parameters. The summary offered the client a comprehensive view of the various KPIs and best practices used in the industry.

Outcome for Client

The research provided the client with insights into the factors that can cause production downtime and the best practices that can help overcome these challenges. The client also gained an exhaustive view of the efficiency statistics of some of the leading beverage manufacturers, allowing it to benchmark its process and efficiency levels against its competitors.

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