August Newsletter 2022

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Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter. Here are our monthly highlights:

Our monthly newsletter series brings you the latest insights and perspectives from Fuld experts. In this edition, we feature our latest blogs on competitive strategy consulting and the future opportunities for Mid-Market Private Equity (PE). Along with this, we also share our recent work with a leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of well-known consumer & commercial brands and monthly 5G, CVC, and Sustainability news & developments.

Featured Blog: The Truth is Out There – the Competitive Intelligence Mantra

Author: Mike Ratcliffe & Christian Schena

Businesses that participate in competitive intelligence (CI) are truth-seekers, and the truth occasionally differs from what they believe to be true. While developing action plans to solve them, they seek to identify issues with real impacts, however, they continue to discover facts as they proceed. Depending on who you ask, elusive facts and potential threats from competitive firms may be close or remote, therefore, it pays to be flexible in your approach and understand that reality is often more complex than it first appears to be. Remember, the truth is out there.

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Featured Case Study: Market Expansion Study to understand Consumer responses in 5 Markets

A prominent manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of well-known consumer and commercial brands across a wide range of products recently teamed up with us. The client wanted to conduct a detailed market growth study based on their own line of products aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. In addition, they wanted to optimize their product line in order to expand into each market. In this case study, we explain how our experts assisted the customer with significant research that included a MaxDiff experiment based on characteristics such as demographics and market response. This helped them prioritize their products to introduce them into specific markets while analyzing positive and negative consumer responses for the future.

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Featured Blog: Challenging times ahead for Mid-Market Private Equity (PE) – turning looming risks into opportunities

Author: Mangesh Kolhatkar

Wage inflation, supply chain issues, competition for talent, geopolitical risk and stiff competition from strategic buyers are all impacting the way mid-market private equity firms are approaching their dealmaking. While it’s clear that it is no longer business as usual, how does a PE firm still continue to beat the market; how can a crisis be turned into an opportunity, and how can Fuld assist, enhance, and add scale? In short, how can Fuld complement the PE firm’s research requirements?

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