What is Strategic Planning?

Strategy is the set of choices a firm makes to win and serve customers, guided by the firm’s mission, purpose, and scope so as to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

Sustained competitive advantage is the ability of the firm to consistently and regularly influence customers to choose it over rivals, driving revenue and profitability. Sustained competitive advantage is achieved by providing meaningful differentiation to customers that they are willing to pay for or by offering value comparable to rivals at a lower cost.


  • Details how the firm will use and deploy its internal resources and capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage
  • Determines how the firm will acquire or develop the resources and capabilities it lacks
  • Outlines the activities the firm will undertake to use its resources and capabilities


  • War Gaming
  • Scenario Planning
  • Strategic Planning Consulting



The Art of Anticipating Disruptions 
How some companies - Cisco, Corning, Intel, Shell, Wyeth (Pfizer) - get it right.


War Games in an Era of Collaboration
War games are not about war - they are largely about managing your competition.

Navigating Risks in Emerging Economies

Navigating Risks in Emerging Economies
A systematic approach is necessary when entering frontier economies. 

Case Studies

MCS004Anticipate Futures and Plan for Them
A diversified personal lines provider questioned the future of the industry given changes in demographics, crisis of consumer confidence, heightened competition, and massive upheaval in financial services.

Adapt to a New Competitive LandscapeAdapt to a New Competitive Landscape
With the U.S. space shuttle program nearing its end and the Space Launch System poised to replace it, a top rocket propulsion developer was concerned that it would need new revenue sources.

Thwart Competitors with Multi-Brand StrategyThwart Competitors with Multi-Brand Strategy
A large CPG company lacked successful strategies to address changes in an industry marked by major acquisitions and aggressive marketing campaigns by competitors.

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