What is Market Insights?

Market Insights provides a view into the behavior of customers and the size and shape of markets, both now and in the future.

In order to analyze opportunities for growth, Market Insights uses quantitative analysis and modeling combined with qualitative methods such as hypothesis generation workshops, industry stakeholder discussions, and in-depth customer interviews. 


  • Drives better understanding of current and future customers
  • Enables informed decisions when choosing a specific growth option among many
  • Identifies and tracks market trends


  • Find new revenue sources
  • Ensure messaging is reaching the precise customers for which it was tailored
  • Develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies
  • Measure current performance against market potential
  • Monitor brand awareness and customer sentiment


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Buying Process Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Market Sizing and Forecasting
  • Channel Segmentation and Sizing
  • Market Growth and Opportunity Analytics
  • New Market Entry Analysis


Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics
Understand your current and future customers.

Market Analytics

Market Analytics
Capture necessary market information.

Growth Analytics

Growth Analytics
Choose the growth strategy that makes sense for you.

Case Studies

MCS008Segment and Know Your Market
A regional integrated healthcare provider wanted to personalize customer experience to improve member acquisition and retention in the newly competitive, consumer-oriented healthcare market.

Design a Market Entry StrategyDesign a Market Entry Strategy
Due to declining sales in its major product lines, a leading CPG company wanted to expand into the beverage market and needed an assessment of the industry.

Recognize New Revenue SourcesRecognize New Revenue Sources
A global life sciences supplier had been experiencing flat or declining growth in revenue in Australia for several years and suspected that it was not seeing all opportunities.

Identify Growth Opportunities in Emerging MarketsIdentify Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets
A global biotech company needed to assess growth opportunities in the Indonesian chemicals market.

A Fuld + Company Case StudyExploring New Markets to Boost Plant Capacity Utilization

Fuld + Co. prioritized adjacent markets for a food and beverage manufacturer.

Analyze and Prioritize Growth OpportunitiesAnalyze and Prioritize Growth Opportunities
A provider of specialty storage containers for temperature-sensitive products wanted gain a better understanding of its current business in order to guide plans for expansion.

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