War Games + Scenario Planning

Business success requires foresight, dexterity, and flexibility.  Our innovative strategic planning tools embody all three and enable companies to anticipate future threats and opportunities, develop and test strategic options, and ultimately achieve or maintain a leadership position.

And while many companies subcontract their strategic planning to an outside consulting firm, we believe that true strategic flexibility is achieved through coaching and collaboration. Outward Insights consultants offer expertise and guidance so that you can learn, apply, and ultimately own a set of innovative planning tools.  Our approaches – scenario planning, wargaming, and competitor simulations – have all been road-tested and proven to deliver strategies that acknowledge, embrace, and are resilient against future uncertainty.

War Games

A war game is a business strategy simulation that helps a company to understand the present and future behaviors of its competitors. War games succeed because they stress test strategy and are a powerful strategic tool for enhancing management decision making. Read More

scenario planning

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning helps an organization envision a future very different from the present and develop concrete strategies that ensure success in a number of different possible futures. Learn how to develop specific, measurable indicators that provide an early warning of what the future may bring. Read More

War Game Demonstrations

Our war game demonstrations allow us to show you our approach and showcase how and why a war game is a very effective vehicle for executives who have to make critical decisions. Check out videoclips from war game events over the past five years. Read More