Corporate Strategic Planning

Tomorrow’s competitive challenges can result in multiple outcomes for your business.  Do your strategic plans take them all into account?

Early Warning + Scenario Planning

Anticipate future threats and opportunities.

Companies today require a way to anticipate the future. Early warning and scenario planning helps an organization envision a future very different from the present and develop concrete strategies that ensure success in a number of different possible futures. Our approach helps executives develop specific, measureable indicators that provide an early warning of what the future may bring and enable them to adapt their long-term strategies to a changing external marketplace.

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Sales Force Effectiveness

How to win at each stage of the buying process.

Not all sales organizations are built and behave alike. Aside from industrial products, life sciences companies know all too well how important an efficient and successful marketing and sales team is to a new product launch or to repositioning into a new indication area. Knowing your rival’s or future partner’s sales organization triggers new competitive options for executing your own strategy.

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Merger / Acquisition + Licensing

Identify critical issues before they become a surprise.

This goes far beyond the traditional P/E ratio analysis and involves assessing a company’s operations and also the “soft” issues around management style, future strategy, and infrastructure. For life sciences companies, licensing has become the vital extension of this make-or-buy decision. For example, a pharmaceutical company that develops a new delivery platform believes it could out-license the technology to firms with other related therapy areas and needs to identify and screen potential for potential partners.

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Innovation Strategy

Uncover and reflect on how your rival will create a new  “blue ocean”.

Innovation can mean different things to different managers and that is where rivals often misjudge each other. Understanding a rival’s innovation strategy can reveal new technology and launch plans, development cycles, and issues around service and quality improvements as well as identify highly productive innovation approaches like crowd sourcing and creative company-university partnerships.

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Business Model / Industry Convergence

What changes when companies remake themselves?

Convergence is a big word that represents big change. A lot is on the line for the company (or rival) morphing and for you appreciating the change. Knowing how your competitor may be changing its operating model right in front of your eyes can speak volumes about its efficiencies, as well as how they will shape and execute on its strategy.

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What clients have to say

“I would highly recommend Fuld as a strategic partner with deliverables that are of the highest quality.”

-Frank Vanderdonck, Former Associate Director of UCB Pharma

“The premier firm for providing strategic intelligence and competitive insights.”

-Todd Abraham, Senior Vice President of R&D at Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)

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