Competitive Intelligence Process Consulting

Think for a minute about the many ways your company monitors internal performance, sales reports, balance sheets, R&D reports, inventory updates, and more. 

Now compare this with how your company monitors external industry activity. Is your outward-looking analysis as robust as your internal performance metrics? Do you have a concerted effort to forecast future developments that anticipate likely activity in coming months? Repeatedly, we find, many organizations do not have time to address such issues. 

Yet, the most dramatic threats and opportunities come from outside your company.

Fuld + Company offers a variety of services and solutions to help gain early warning of external threats and opportunities so you can preempt and seize, rather than react, to market changes.

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Process Design 

Using decades of CI best practices and real-world experience, our process design services pinpoint what your organization needs to establish and maintain a world-class intelligence function. Fuld has designed dozens of high-performance CI functions, and we know what works - and what doesn't - in effective CI programs. Read More


Strategic Early Warning Systems

Our strategic early warning systems (SEWS) start with scenario-based planning - a tool that helps an organization envision a future very different from the present, and craft strategies that are test for resilience under a variety of different future conditions. We then develop specific, measureable indicators that provide an early warning of what the future may bring, and the opportunity to start preparing today. Read More


CI Coaching

As your trusted CI advisor, our coaching provides direct and daily access to competitive intelligence best practices information, collaborative IT tools, and on-going education.  Available when you need it, our expertise can guide you through your most challenging, high-visibility projects in real time. Learn More

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