Competitive Intelligence + Market Intelligence

It's a powerful combination - the ability to anticipate competitors' moves and analyze your markets - and it adds up to winning strategies.

What is competitive intelligence?

Competitive + Brand Insights

Uncover the answers to a competitor's behavior and market strategy.

Know how your competition is positioning itself in the market, along with the impact its messaging is having on customers and distribution channels.

Clients often need to take a step back and examine a rival's motivation - the big picture - and where that rival wants to go in the market. Too often a client can become lost in the details of ad spend, operating margins, or specific launch plans and overlook the big picture. Competitive insights and brand insights are all about knowing the “why”, a company’s motivation, as well as the “how”, how will it achieve its impact on that market.

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War Games / Competitive Simulations

Anticipate competitive moves before your rivals make them.

Intelligence is most valuable when it is predictive. Our war gaming methodology helps you develop a more forward-looking view of the competitive landscape, mitigate risk and seize emerging opportunities.

War games succeed because they stress test strategy and are a powerful tool for enhancing management decision making. Our clients are able to structure business strategies that are realistic, robust and quicker to execute.

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What is a war game?

Market Analysis, Share + Sizing

Accurately assess a market's attractiveness and unique characteristics.

Understanding the potential of a market is crucial for executives looking to launch a new product or service. So is knowing when and if to enter or expand. Are you struggling with this situation? Then a detailed understanding of various market and distribution channels may be just what you need.

Expecially in complex markets, our clients find that a quantitative view of various channel breakouts give a critical, clarifying view of a market often overlooked in general market research reports.

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Supply Chain Mapping

Understand a company's cost structure and potential cost advantage.

Knowing your competitor’s supply chain all comes down to knowing the details. Has the rival optimized delivery to customers? Has the competitor sourced from more efficient manufacturing plants than you have? Maybe your rival is not shipping the commodities it uses but may be swapping them with another partner company that could disguise or mislead the casual observer regarding the rival’s true costs. Supply chain mapping offers a critical understanding of a company’s procurement process, managing price volatility and overall risk.

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What clients have to say

“The competitive and market intelligence that Fuld + Company has provided is vital for us – we are really quite dependent on it. I can’t say it any other way.”

-Gastroenterology Director for a global life sciences company

"I knew that with CI being so new here, I'd need to go with Fuld + Company. You guys are like the IBM of competitive intelligence: nobody's ever going to get fired for hiring you."

-Vice President of Marketing at a Top 10 US bank

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