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Telemedicine has the potential to transform the delivery of healthcare. But, as healthcare providers debate the clinical advantages of telemedicine, they and their partners must also confront the business strategy changes that the adoption of telemedicine will require.

Based on recent work with healthcare providers, payers, and technology providers, Fuld + Company commissioned this in-depth white paper outlining:

  • Key steps you should consider in the ongoing deployment of telemedicine
  • How one company used telemedicine technology to innovate and drastically improve a service program
  • Strategic advice and insight into how staying on the edge of early adoption can grow your business

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Competitive Threats Survey

Over the past 35 years, Fuld + Company has handled thousands of research assignments from around the globe, most related to competitive threats of one kind or another – new market entrants, price wars, a rival’s change of strategic direction, among many others. After all, we are a competitive intelligence firm. Given our natural slant, we thought when we surveyed a group of business executives about competitive threats that they would focus primarily on their competitors, their rivals. What we found instead was that executives are in fact worried about a wider array of threats – not just from rivals...