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Competitive Threats White Paper

Competitive Threats Survey

Instant results! Learn how your compare to your peers regarding competitive threats both from an industry and regional perspective.

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Over the Line Ethics Survey  

Over the Line™ Ethics Survey

Instant feedback of results! Learn how your view of CI’s ethical and legal boundaries compares with others across the globe by completing this five minute survey.

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Healthcare Scenario Analysis

Healthcare Scenario Analysis: US Healthcare 2015 Futuring Survey

Receive a free summary of how your industry peers view the future. We have developed five plausible scenarios, or future worlds, which provide a realistic set of disparate futures representing plausible future boundaries of the commercial biopharma or healthcare marketplace. We would like feedback from this survey to understand how valuable you find these scenarios in helping you think about your organization’s future strategies.

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CI Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your CI Program – A Self Test

Find out how your competitive intelligence program measures up to other companies. We have applied this tool to companies around the world to allow them to see whether their programs are “world class,” or in which areas their programs need improvement. By completing this benchmarking survey, you will receive an analysis of your competitive intelligence program, a benchmark comparison of your answers compared to your peers from other companies, a free article on how to use this self-diagnosis approach to improve your CI program, and a free copy of From Stick Fetchers to World Class® CI Benchmark Report.