Fuld + Company's Competitive Intelligence Resource Center

The Competitive Intelligence Resource Center is a collaborative workspace of competitive intelligence tools and resources designed to help you gather information from a variety of services and sources, in support of your competitive intelligence efforts.

White Papers

White Papers

Download complimentary white papers written by Fuld + Company.





Internet Intelligence Indexes

The Internet Intelligence Index™ is designed to help you gather information from a wide variety of public services, in support of your competitive intelligence efforts. It contains links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information.


Intelligence Dictionary

Fuld + Company's Competitive Intelligence Dictionary teaches you the language of intelligence, defining more than 100 key terms in the field of competitive intelligence with links to other useful CI resources both on the Fuld website and on the internet.


Competitive Intelligence Books

Download complimentary excerpts from Leonard Fuld's books: The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence and The New Competitor Intelligence.


  Media Center

Media Center

Watch videos and view photos from Fuld + Company events as well as from televised interviews.



Take one of our four surveys on Competitive Threats, Ethics, Healthcaure and Benchmarking or read about the results we've collected.



Competitive Intelligence Organizer

The Intelligence Organizer is designed to help you focus on intelligence activities that directly benefit your business.


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