Globalization and sustainability are among the key drivers impacting industrial manufacturing companies today.

The emergence of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries on the global stage is driving multinationals to reexamine their supply chain, manufacturing, and sales footprint. Increasingly, US and European corporations are also vying with indigenous manufacturers in these emerging countries, making the competitive landscape even more complex.

Achieving success today means having a keen understanding of previously unfamiliar competitors, markets, and business environments. It also requires assessing the opportunities along the entire value chain, from financing, to manufacturing, to distribution, to marketing. Examining competitor business process often provides insights their strategy and their ability to execute. Benchmarking operational performance against a range of competitors allows a company to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

As the “green” revolution accelerates across many industries, it is also creating enormous opportunities and challenges for companies. It is driving demand for new products and technologies in transportation, building systems, factory automation, agriculture, chemicals and materials. With sustainable manufacturing, energy production, and food production being favored and often mandated around the world, established industries will challenged to respond for years to come.

Having the skills to benchmark and build world-class operations requires an understanding of various competitive processes, value chain analysis, benchmarking, and analysis of the global competitive landscape. A new competitive landscape, or the possibility of one, makes it ever more critical to develop actionable intelligence regarding current or emerging competitors, potential acquisition targets, customers and suppliers to make more informed, thus better, decisions that yield competitive advantage and shareholder satisfaction.

Fuld + Company’s Industrial and Manufacturing Practice brings a depth of experience in addressing issues that business-to-business and business-to-consumer industrial products and service companies typically face. Our understanding comes from corporate and consulting experience, as well years in providing actionable intelligence to a broad range of clients in a myriad of industries covering a broad range of issues. Companies turn to us for intelligence to aid their strategic decision-making and for guidance in improving their operations so that they can compete more effectively and efficiently.

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