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Competition within today’s life sciences industry is increasingly intense.

Whether due to the increasing global economy, the blurring of traditional industry lines, rapid advances in science & technology, regulatory harmonization, e-commerce, continued mergers, acquisitions and alliances, or the growing expectations of customers, the acute challenge to maintain competitive advantage is affecting life sciences companies of all sizes, in all lines of their businesses.

The future of the pharmaceutical industry depends on the ability of its major companies to discover, develop and market the best, most innovative, most effective and sought-after medicines and machines in the world. At the same time, the mid-size and smaller companies need to find their competitive niche in order to secure market share when operating within the same disease areas as the global giants formed by the mega mergers of recent years. To compete effectively in this fast-changing environment, market leaders recognize the need to monitor industry activity and competitor strategy as a regular part of doing business.

Fuld is well versed in the medical devices industry and the continual need to develop novel drug delivery mechanisms while paying close attention to payer, provider, and patient concerns. We also understand the importance of seeking opportunities to increase revenue by developing extended indications for existing devices. Our work in the related fields of pharmaceuticals, biotech, and managed care, as well as our comprehensive expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, technology, and distribution assessments, provides us with a unique understanding of the medical devices world.

Fuld + Company’s Life Sciences Practice understands all of this, providing all levels of competitive intelligence support from research to strategic gaming, while maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards. We know the companies, the changing landscapes, and the competitive environment the future holds. We have been the competitive intelligence professionals-of-choice for the life sciences industry for over two decades. Since that time, over 100 biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostics/device companies have come to Fuld + Company for their training, custom research, and systems consulting needs. On behalf of these numerous global clients, we regularly assess new product progress from early-stage development to product launch, technology partnerships between biotech and big pharma, and changing global technologies, regulations, and markets. We have researched over 60 different therapeutic categories or niches worldwide.


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