Competition in the consumer goods world has always been a vicious battle for shelf space, brand recognition, and naturally, sales.

The intensity of competing in this sector has not abated in recent years, but has only intensified as offshore competition manufacturing, supply chain innovators, supplier consolidation, and the growing influence of very large retailers become more powerful market forces. The key challenge remains: how to become visible within the growing maze of brands and products and the increasingly complex retain distribution system. Overseas suppliers have increased potency as foreign brands become household names to North American and European consumers. Retaining market share in the face of these myriad challenges requires constant attention to shifting trends, consumer preferences, and competitor moves. In addition to knowing what competitors are doing today, successful firms must have a firm grasp on what their rivals are capable of doing, so they can anticipate and thwart damaging initiatives. Benchmarking competitor processes – in product development, sales and marketing, and manufacturing – provides critical insights that can translate into significant process improvement and competitive positioning.

At Fuld, our experts in the Consumer Goods and Retail Practice take special care to recognize the unique dynamics at play in marketing and selling consumer products. Our staff brings a depth of experience in addressing issues that are most critical to competing in this fast-paced sector. This expertise, combined with our rigorous primary research methodology, enables Fuld to deliver strategic and tactical recommendations that help clients achieve strong financial results and lasting competitive advantage.

Our understanding comes from competitive years of providing actionable intelligence to clients across the consumer spectrum. Clients turn to us for intelligence to aid their strategic decision-making or for guidance in improving their operations (and ultimately their costs) so that they can compete more effectively and efficiently.

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