The Asia Pacific region is a robust, dynamic and competitive marketplace, where major global and regional players wrestle for a portion of an ever-increasing pie.

Over the past decade, and certainly during the last few years, the multi-national organizations have been focusing on events, developments and opportunities around Asian centers of production and consumption. While China has been a prominent force in the region, other key markets such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India and Australia are also driving the region’s growth potential.

Research: Fuld + Company, through its Manila office location, covers the Asia Pacific region across markets from New Zealand, Australia and Japan in the east, to the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East. Fuld’s Research Team provides critical insights on market movements, industry structures, competitive activities, regulatory changes, and even partner search and evaluation across multiple industries within each of the major Asia Pacific countries.

The Manila Vantage Point: In 2011, Fuld established its Asia Pacific regional office based in Manila, the Philippines. From this regional hub, Fuld researchers and analysts are able to monitor business activities across 10 time zones and 5 major languages. Fuld Research Directors can be deployed to conduct face-to-face interviews and trade show intelligence in key centers around Asia, supporting project engagements. Beyond its Asian office, Fuld also maintains a wide network of field-based intelligence researchers and analysts providing coverage around the clock.

Asia Region Project Sampling:

(a)    Industry evaluation of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China;
(b)   Tracking of Real Estate firms in Singapore;
(c)    Market feasibility and competitive study of investment banks in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan;
(d)   In-depth assessment of retail operators in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Thailand;
(e)   Market entry feasibility and strategy for power generation in Vietnam;
(f)     Customer intelligence for credit cards in 13 Asia Pacific nations.

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