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Fuld + Company Video Clips

Competitive Intelligence Early Warning for Threats and Opportunities | ABS-CBN News Now

ABS-CBN News Now interviews Leonard Fuld, President of Fuld + Company, about competitive intelligence and how businesses use it to ethically collect information and set up early warning systems to identify threats and opportunities in the marketplace. Leonard Fuld describes how Fuld + Company uses war games with clients to help them anticipate competitive moves and prepare for future strategic decisions regarding competitors.



The Battle for Designer Food

Fuld War Game National Championship 2012 (UK): The Battle for Designer Food

View photos from the war game competition between Oxford and Cambridge business schools as they represent four companies and strategize to position their companies to compete in the designer food market. Fuld sponsors yearly games with top business schools to showcase the outcomes of our corporate war gaming workshops.




Fuld War Game National Championship 2012: The Battle for Wireless Health

View photos from Fuld's 2012 US war game national championship with teams representing athenahealth, Bosch, GE and Medtronic as students from top US business schools position their company to compete in the wireless health market. The war game is a simulation of our corporate war game and scenario analysis workshops.



Fuld Public War Game 2011: The Battle for Designer Foods

Click to view photos and videos from the 2011 war game national championship. The public war game showcases the process of Fuld's corporate client games with MBA students from top business schools who compete for a $5,000 prize. This year's game featured teams representing Abbott, Danone, GSK and Nestle.




Fuld Public War Game 2010: The Battle for China's Smart Grid

The Annual Strategy War Game National Championship, "The Battle for China's Smart Grid," featured: IBM, Siemens, GE Energy and Cisco with 30-plus executives from energy and technology giants looking on. The war game stress tested the global strategies of these firms in competing for China's $100 billion Smart Grid. Through rapid-fire arguments, interrogation by an expert panel of judges, as well as questions from the corporate observers, "The Battle for China's Smart Grid" War Game revealed many obstacles that many observers admitted that their companies must acknowledge and overcome if they are to win a piece of the $10 billion-per-year funding China has offered.




Fuld Public War Game 2009: The Battle for Healthcare Information

The Battle for Healthcare Information, held in New York City on April 3, 2009, is the fifth national war game championship organized and run by Fuld + Company. In this public war game event, four teams from top business schools predict the most prominent companies in the healthcare information technology and healthcare delivery industries will quickly move to create alliances and in certain cases merge with their rivals, to take advantage of the government push to adopt electronic medical records (EMRs).




Fuld Public War Game 2008: The Battle for Wireless Internet

In Fuld + Company's fourth annual war game competition showcased four business school teams who worked to predict corporate strategies that may follow the upcoming FCC auction closing. They concluded that the industry will be hard-pressed to build out the infrastructure needed to enhance consumer benefits in the next two-to-three years. View videos here.