The cloud mobility, software- as-a-service, big data analytics, and and various ownership and revenue models all describe the upheaval in the technology industry. What spelled success in technology five years ago has little meaning today. At Fuld + Company, our technology analysts and strategists have seen these changes rock the foundations of the tech business and have helped clients understand the possibilities when facing these new competitive challenges.

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Competitive + Market Intelligence

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Go-To-Market Strategy

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Corporate Strategic Planning

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Industry Focus

Areas of investigation in the following sectors include:

Operations / Innovation:

  • Competitive / market landscapes
  • Innovation management
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Rival supply chain strategies
  • Win-loss analysis

The Cloud:

  • Platform provider marketing strategies
  • Partner and field sales models
  • Mobile app development landscapes
  • Global IP video strategies
  • Web hosting services positioning
  • Rival infrastructure and ecosystem
  • Customer portfolio positioning


  • Developers and VARS incentive strategies
  • Bundling/unbundling pricing strategies
  • 5-year business plan assessments
  • Customer experience measurements
  • Churn rates for wireless competition
  • Managed security services
  • Infrastructure standards
  • Fiber optic cable manufacturing analysis
  • Cable billing software assessments

Our Tech + Telecom Team

Our technology team, with more than two decades of experience working in global markets, has serviced many of the leading high-tech, cloud and telecommunications providers in the industry. Since the technology industries are filled with alliances, licensing deals and partnerships, the analyses we provide include the very nuanced, subtle competitive picture our clients need to see.

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What clients have to say

"Fuld + Company knows our good qualities and our warts, and I feel they’re a part of our team. They really did a great job of remaining very flexible with us, especially when we threw them a couple of curve balls during the project. Going forward our preferred partner is Fuld.”

-Marketing Director from a Fortune 500 Tech company